Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blood transfusion and party!!

I was up at around 8:00am yesterday to get ready for my blood transfusion. 2 units today, I don't think I have any of my blood left, it is all a pick and mix of the wonderful people in this country who donate their blood. I wish I could return it, I only ever did 1 pint and that was when there was an appeal for blood for the troops in Iraq.
I drove to the hospital and parked up, I got there for 10:00am. I went into my room, the one I would have for the day. I eventually saw an anesthetist at 11:00am, he put a cannula in my hand, hitting a valve so it was only part way in but enough for the transfusion. All done, it's back to the room to start the transfusion, 2 bags of the Count's best blood please Vlad .....   : )

It was started at 11:30, I had lunch, a salad sandwich and a yogurt, first bag finished at 2:30pm, 2nd bag started at 2:45pm and finished at 5pm. I restful day today, stuck to the bed, I did fall asleep at one point. After it was all done, I drove home, my little car is not happy with the rain, I either need a new one or need to get her fixed. I got home, got myself changed and went off to my Neice in laws 21st birthday party, I didn't stay long as I was feeling tired. I stayed long enough though to see my sister, Wendy and her daughter, Rochelle and to say happy birthday to the birthday girl, Caroline. It was a lovely night, I want a party to go to when I am feeling on tip top form. I am sure there will be others.
Kieran was going, then he wasn't, then he was, he didn't in the end. Tday I am catching up on shopping and see what happens with the day.

 My sister Wendy with 2 of her grand daughters.
 Me with my lovely sis : ) She always makes me look short, even as children.
 Rochelle, my neice, Wendy and I.
 3 generations of lovely girls, Rochelle, her mum Wendy and Rochelle's daughter, Lacey.
 Wendy moving like jagger!!!!
 The birthday girl, Caroline, Wendy and Rochelle.
 Rochelle, my lovely neice and I.
 No papping, get that camera outa my face..... hehehehe x x
 Caroline's birthday cake.
 Wendy, Lacey and Rochelle.
Wendy with her grand daughter, Lacey.

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