Thursday, 23 August 2012

Catching up with friends.

A bit of catch up on the blog today. Tuesday Richard (National Asbestos Helpline) Came to Plymouth, we went to see George, our friend from the support group. He is in St Lukes at the moment, he is recuperating after having fluid removed from around his heart. George looked tired and was in good spirits, it was lovely to see him. Richard and I then went off to eat, we went to the Waterfront which is on the Hoe sea front.
We discussed the charity we are setting up. It is getting closer and closer. Every time we get together there are more ideas for what we can do. We are going to be very busy : )

 Outside the Waterfront.
 Mr Clarke with his meal, a macho steak : )


I had a little parcel which came through yesterday, it was from Angela and Tracey, 2 of my meso warrior sister's. They had sent some Angel dust and a coffee. So sweet of them. Thank you girls x
I went out with my friend Carolyn for lunch at the mission. She treated me to an un-birthday meal. It was lovely there, such a beautiful building, it is in the style of a church.

The puppet (Below) was in the city centre on Wednesday, he was really creepy, The voice sounded like a dirty old man. Very un-nerving for children I think. Very clever how is was done and strange how the guy working the puppet came out from inside and looked very like him : )

Today Kieran and I are going to the cinema, We are going to see The three stooges. Not sure it is going to be anything like the old style stooges who were so funny but we are going to watch it. Slap stick comedy is the best

Just got back from the cinema, lovely to spend time with my little Bean, not so little Bean I should say really. The film wasn't bad, very violent for children under the age of 10 I think due to the chain saw being used on one of their heads (?). The warning about the fake tools (not the stooges) was at the end of the film where I think it should have been at the beginning. Story was a bit weak but the guys playing the stooges looked authentic, A few giggles from Kieran who enjoyed it. I still prefer the old style stooges.


Theo has been on his best behaviour. I am feeling so much better for having the transfusion. I thought I should include this next little bit as it may help any ladies having chemo who are still having periods. I am on HRT and still get periods, since I started this 2nd line chemo, they have stopped, that is until today when I have had a little spotting.
I am feeling tired today, most of that due to be woken up by a teenager and 2 kitties at 7:30 am this morning, How wonderful is that : )
Life is great, I am very happy.
I am due for my next chemo on Friday 31st August. This break has given me a little more strength. I am so glad that it wasn't done last time as I don't think I would have been well enough for the 6th one.

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