Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Chemo week again.

I went to the hospital today to get a blood test done, up and out of the house by 8:30 am.
Home again and then off out again at 1:40 pm for my appointment with Dr D.
All systems go for Friday, chemo therapy day, this is number 5, Bloods were fine which is good.
I picked up my steroids which I start tomorrow and finish on Friday.
The chemo drug will not be as potent as the last ones as Dr D has said that as I have done so well with the 4 treatments he can afford to lessen the dose.
I hope this makes a difference to how I feel.
I am banking on being out of action for the weekend.
I have booked the hotel for October 6th, mesothelioma UK's 7th patient and carer day.
Can't believe I went to the 2nd back in 2007.
So much has happened since then, October is my target month, it is the month where I reach all my milestones, the month I pass the line that ends and starts another year of living with Theo.

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