Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day out with Chrissy.

I am feeling so much better after having 2 bags of the Count's best claret.

I went out this morning with Chrissy, she picked me up because my Halo car had been such a pain last night. We headed off towards Totnes, ending up in Dartington. We went to Dartington Crystal and was surprised at how much was in this place. Lots of shops, very expensive of course. Some lovely walks into Totnes. We had a scone and a cuppa there and then went onto Dartmouth, I haven't been there for years. It hasn't changed at all. We had chip butty for lunch and had an amble around the place. It is so lovely, such a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, Plymouth was wet when we left but here it's like a summers day, at last, some sun shine!!

After Dartington we drove back to Plymouth and had an ice cream on Plymouth Hoe. We had a wander down to the water front, I booked a table for Mr Clarke and myself for Tuesday, it looks a lovely place. We posed for photos by a Ferrari, it had to be done, we were in a queue, a young couple were there posing before us. That car got a lot of attention.

 Chip butty!!! not a patch on Jayne's though.

 The wedding cake on Plymouth Hoe, it was built to commemorate the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The design is based on their wedding cake, hence the name.

 Chrissy's new jalopy : )

It has been a long and wonderful day, spending it with one of my most precious of friends is the best. I am so lucky having these people in my life. Thank you so much Chrissy, I have really enjoyed today x

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