Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fabulous day : )

I got up early this morning to be ready to recieve a package from Richard (National Asbestos Helpline). He had paid quiete a lot to get a special delivery to me for the meso meeting today. The royal Mail, in their wisdom, haven't delivered it. Nothing arrived, no doubt it will arrive tomorrow. Royal mail is becoming one of the worst services in this country. If they weren't bad enough before, now they have put their prices up, they are even worse.
No matter, I got myself sorted out and made my way to the BBC Radio studios to record and interview about asbestos in schools. Not sure how I will come across but I support everything that Michael Lees does. I also did a short TV interview, I will find out when it will go out and try and record it.

After this I went to meet my cousin, June. We haven't seen each other for years. She followed me in her car to my sister Wendy's house, I left her their with Wendy and I went off to the south west mesothelioma support group meeting. Another good one today, I was so pleased that Simone, My MP Alison Seabeck's assistant came along. I had arranged to meet her in reception. I didn't know who I was looking for and neither did she. Eventually a lady came up to me and asked if I was Debbie, Excellent, we had met. I took her to the support group meeting where she listened and made notes to feed back to Alison. It is so good to see that there is an interest and Alison is very focused on the subject of mesothelioma.
I went to Wendy's place after the meeting, they followed me to my house where I picked Siobhan up and we all went to Lunch. Kieran wanted to stay home, after all he is an independant young man now
 : ) I quickly checked for the package, nope, still not hear. Considering it was supposed to be here for 9:00am, it is a disgrace.

We had a lovely lunch at the Chaadlewood pub and chatted about our families, June's Grandmother and our Grandmother were sisters. We are also related to June's Grandfather as well as he and his wife were cousins..... Mmmm... will have to think what relation he is to me.

After lunch, June dropped us back home. Once again I checked for the package, nope, not a sausage, how bad is that!!!
I picked up my car and drove to Wendy's were we all sat around and went through June's photos. Such a lovely afternoon. It has been a great day, I am so pleased with lunch as well, I had a jacket potato with cheese and apple pie with custard afterwards. When we got back to Wendy's Ihad a lovely piece of June's cake. I was the only one who was hungry!

 Lunch time with June and Wendy. Siobhan came along too.
 Myself with June and Wendy.  (Below) June and I.
Royal Snail... I mean Mail, did deliver a lovely little surprise today. a gorgeous dragonfly brooch from my lovely facebook friend, Stacey. Thank you so much, this made my day even more fabulous x x x

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