Monday, 6 August 2012

getting back on top.

I managed a piece of toast and a banana yesterday with 2 complan drinks. Not a lot I know but more than I have been managing.
Siobhan and I got up early yesterday, we went to a car boot sale. I was so pleased to get out of the house for a bit. We didn't find any ponies or bargains this time. By the time I got home I was wiped out.
After a little rest I went out to see my lovely friends, Jayne and Chrissy. I had missed Jayne's birthday which I was disappointed with and wanted to see her to give her a gift and card.
Chrissy was going to dye Jayne's hair and as mine was looking like it needed a good go over, she offered to do mine as well. I stayed and had a cuppa with the girls before going into town and picking up some hair dye.
I went back home afterwards, Kieran was back. He couldn't decide what he was doing today. First it was swimming, then it was meeting his dad.
After Kieran had had his tea, I went off to Jayne's again, hair dye in hand : )
Chrissy was so busy with both of us. Not only did she dye my hair, she dried and straightened it too.
What a super star she is.

As for the chemo catch up, I am still trying to get ahead of it. I hope my "stuff" monitor, Jan C, is taking notes : )
I need to get my system moving, once that happens I think my diet may get better. At the moment I am having a drink or something to eat, not both at the same time because it makes me feel so bloated. I am seriously thinking of having a break from chemo. I have 2 more cycles to go and this is now frightening me as I am so afraid of the chemo taking over and taking me, after all it is a poison, a toxin. I need to get it out of my system. Not only does it take the bad cells, it takes the good ones too. I think If I can get my strength and stamina back I will be ready for the next 2 treatments. I will speak to my oncologist on 15th August about this. I have a terrible memory of my wonderful dad laying in a hospital bed, too ill to get out. Each chemo treatment he had took a little more of him until it destroyed him so much that he didn't recover. This frightens me so much and is why I want to be in control of what happens to me.
I am not sure what today will bring. I intend to take things slow. It is going to be a good week though, The support group meeting is on Wednesday at 11:30 am in Derriford Hospital Mustard tree centre and on Wednesday I am meeting a cousin who I have been in touch woth for a fw years, our grandmothers were sisters. That is so exciting.


jack said...

You have to do what you feel is best for you Debbie. I know how much the chemo takes out of you. I am interested to hear what your oncologist thinks though. Keep your chin up.
Love Jack

Debbie said...

Thank you Jack, I will keep you posted, I see hom on the 15th August.