Monday, 20 August 2012

Halo car is back up again.

I rang Darren, the mechanic who looks after Halo, my little car. I made an appointment to take Halo to his garage at 2 this afternoon.
I also rang my Dr's surgery about my thyroid test. My thyroid in underactive and I need to have the thyroxin adjusted. Another 25mg to take every day. That would account for the tiredness on top on the chemo.
First I went to Darren's garage, all the way there the battery light was flickering, I was hoping Halo wouldn't break down on the way. Phew.... got to the garage without having to call Darren out. He told me to pop over to Homebase which isn't very far from his garage and have a look around for 20 minutes while he fixed Halo. His little lad, Tyler was there helping as well, he looked so cute in his overalls, very much the mechanic.
The Sophie sofa and sofa bed we are getting in October : )

I had a slow walk around Homebase, stopped at the furniture part of the store. We had a sofa and chair from the Heart foundation charity shop when we moved into the house as the furniture we had I didn't think would fit into the house.
I was browsing around when the salesman came over. He explained there was a 20% off offer if you spend over £150 but that offer was finishing today. I had a think about it and decided that it was worth going for it. I ordered a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa bed. Whoops..... done it now!!!
I went back to the garage after my expensive look around. Darren had fixed Halo, He is a gem.
She has got a new fan belt now, her old one had snapped and was stopping the alternator from charging the battery. She is a good car, she has been good to me. I want her to last me till January and then I will get another one, I am sure she will, she has lasted me 8 years already.
After Halo was fixed, I thanked Darren and Tyler, what a great job they have done.
I left the garage and made my way to the Dr's surgery to pick up my prescription, all sorted, back home again and get some more washing hung out as it is a lovely sunny day. Brilliant : )

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