Saturday, 4 August 2012

I went out and got myself some complan yesterday. My digestive system seems to have come to a stand still, I have my stuff monitor, Jan C, standing by though : )
I spoke to the oncology team about going back on steroids. Dr D's message was that he thought I was still taking them. I must have misunderstood him when he said go from 3 to 1 over 3 weeks, I thought he meant to wean myself off of them. I have started the 3 a day again and hope that encourages an appetite.
I think the chemo has caught up to me, I am still unsure about having the next 2 cycles as my life is on hold, I can't stand it. I am so used to being out and about and being busy. I have been out of sorts since the last chemo which was a week ago, with the shingles on top of that, it has hit me hard.
Siobhan and Kieran are doing their best, it is a strain on all of us. Kieran will be out with his friends today and with his dad overnight which will be a little easier. Having chemo in the school holidays is not a good idea!!
Thanks again Jan C for my coffee picture.
I have to behave myself where the chemo is concerned and rest as much as possible, if not I will have "mummy" Mavis Nye and "aunty" Jan Egerton at my door : ) Is that such a bad thing though?
They are two of my Blog buddies, my wonderful, brave warrior friends who are walking this path too. They are a beacon to so many around the world with their blogs and tips for all.
 Thank you Jan C x x
Mavis and Jan E have their eyes on me ....... Thank you girls and I promise, I am resting : )   x x


Jan said...

Good to see you are taking note, both our bags are packed!!

Debbie said...

Hehehehe x x x