Friday, 10 August 2012

Look out slugs, I am on the case!!

What a lovely day I had yesterday. Bit shakey getting up as the royal snail package arrived at 8:10am. Was supposed to be here the day before, what a bad service that is especially when it costs so much.

I got myself dressed, breakfast, got some washing hung out as we have sunshine, so good after having such a wet summer.
I then went to see my cousin June who stayed with my sister Wendy last night. We went to the shops to get some lunch and had a long chat about our families and especially our grand mothers who were sisters.
I left there and popped home quickly, Kieran stayed home all day, he loves being home alone now he is 15 : )
I went out again to meet my friend, Linda, we haven't seen each other since I moved house which will be 3 years this September. We went to the local garden centre for a coffee. We looked around and saw so many lovely things, it is such a peaceful place to be. My friend Mandy and I do garden centres all the time, we will be off to one soon I am sure : )
I especially wanted to find something to get rid of snails and slugs but not something that will harm hedgehogs and birds as they will eat them and get poisoned themselves. I have tried gel that detracts the slugs and snails but all the rain has been washing it away and they have had a feats with my petunia's, little bastards!!! So war is declared, I have now got some copper tape which will shock them if they crawl across it, I hope it works. Today I will be gardening and taping up all my plants. If this doesn't work then I will have to find something else. Darn slugs, go away and leave my plants alone. They also destroyed my poppies, I planted them in my wheel barrow, GONE....eaten away....Gggrrrr!!!
Look out slugs ans snails, I am on the case!!!

 Wendy and June on Wendy's train.... choo choo!!!
 Awww... I love my cuz : ) June and I.
 Having lunch at Wendy's place.
Wendy's dogs, Scooby and Patch, enjoying the sunshine.


My lovely "Stuff" fairy, Jan C, will be pleased. I have a very large movement this morning, o good clear out. The bloated and full of food feeling has gone, at last. I think I am back on track.
I am feeling so much better, I have yet to have a proper meal but that will come.
I had toast with apricot jam this morning and 2 crackers with cheese and a yogurt for lunch.
I had a really good nights sleep, have cut the steroids back to 2 a day so will hopefully not be so buzzing when I go to bed. My poor frind Linda yesterday had to listen to me yabbering on. I can't always control it, the steroids put me on a bit on a high, lots of energy. So pleased to be back on track, thatnk you to all those of you who have supported me. It is appreciated so much, especially Mavis who is a real trooper, she whips my butt when I start to slip. Felt for her and Ray yesterday when they took Louis, their little dog, out and he was attacked by 2 dogs. Ray, Mavis's husband, was a real hero and got one of the dogs off Louis. Poor little thing is going to the vets today, he was very shaken up, as were Mavis and Ray. People need to control their dogs because in the end, it's the poor dog who gets the punishment because of the way they are trained. Owners need to be more responsible, terrible that prro Louis was attacked, thank goodness it wasn't a child. Doesn't bear thinking about and I am hoping to hear that Louis is doing well x x x

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