Thursday, 30 August 2012

Meso from the heart

My friend and fellow warrior, Jan Egerton, wrote an ode to mesothelioma.
I think she captured every image I have in my head of this dreadful disease. Jan is an 8 year survivor, an inspiration to so many around the world and a beacon for others to follow.
I am adding her ode to mesothelioma to my blog today, It puts this disease into perspective.
Thank you Jan for allowing me to share this x

To celebrate 8 years today being diagnosed.

My friend has stayed with me since I was a child
I didn't know it then as it slept quietly inside.
Once awake it never sleeps
No matter what I do
Taunting me with false hope
it still stays consuming my life

It isn't only just my friend
it has attached itself to so many others
ruining once charmed and happy homes,
destroying relationships, bringing tears
striking fear into our very souls.

It has created some thing it didn't expect
a unity of many, an army of warriors.
It's once fickle friendship is not mine alone
many it has befriended, I now know

It didn't introduce us how a friend would do
It didn't want to be named
concealed deep within
Once known, its name can never be forgotten
Nor will those it cast it's eye upon and claimed

Our mutual friendships have developed
We all share the need of Hope
Some comrades have fallen
Our Friend claiming them for its own.

Beware my unwanted friend
United we stand until you fall
That day will bring such Joy
Your days of friendship will come to an end
Until then Meso, take the hint 
and go to H***.

Written by Jan Egerton (2012)

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