Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No chemo for 2 weeks.

I knew my instinct was right again, I had my bloods done this morning, got to the hospital about 8:45 am for that. Went home and had some lunch, out again at 1:30pm to see Dr D.
I didn't have to say a word, he took one look at me and said no chemo. I was so pleased. He was saying one week and I said would you mind if I made it 2? No problem, 2 weeks reprieve....woo hoo.
My bloods were low, platelets were at 66 and bloods were 9.3. I am being booked in for another transfusion, I have got some omeprazole for my acid reflux, I also told Dr D about my watery eyes.
He looked in his little book of magic and saw that Alimta causes watery eyes, conjunctivitis in fact, He said he had learnt something today as he didn't know this could happen. Because the results of the chemo have been so good, Dr D has said he will reduce the strength of the next chemo.
He said he didn't want to give me the next lot of chemo on Friday because it would really bash my system and I may end up in hospital. He also mentioned my thyroid, he seems to think I am on too much thyroxine so a bllod test tomorrow for that.... yikes...... more needles!!!

I am so lucky having such a good oncologist, he is lovely.

After the appointment I went to see the chemo nurse who sorted out the cannula fixing for Friday, 10:00am. I will have the anesthetist do it again. All sorted there, off to pharmacy for my pills, left my prescription there and went down to pathology for more bloods to be taken, more needles....yuk..... this is for the cross match for Friday. That done, I went back to pharmacy to get my pills. All sorted, a very good appointment me thinks.
My next chemo will be on 31st August. I am going to enjoy this little break and do all I can to get myself back on top.

After the appointment, I took a trip in town to get Kieran some new clothes, the Bean is growing up so fast. I also got some aloe vera and veggie omega oils to take. Dr D said I was alright taking that with my chemo but not multi vitamins.

I am out to eat with my friend Tina this evening. I haven't seen her for a few weeks so am looking forward to catching up. It is a bad month for us, she lost her wonderful husband, Darryl on 10th August 6 years ago and I lost my dad on 26th August same year. 6 years, where has it gone, at least the memories haven't gone. While watching the Olympic closing ceremony we both had an emotional moment, Tina with wish you were here sang by Ed Sheeran, it is a pink floyd song and me with Eric Idle singing always look on the bright side of life, my dad loved Monty Python and that songs always reminds me of him. There is a message in there for both of us, we are being watched over every day by our wonderful angels x x

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