Friday, 31 August 2012

Number 5 today and a cuppa for Dad.

I am off to the hospital for my 5th chemo today.
anesthetist first, as usual, for the cannula to be put in. Last time he got it very close to the valve in the vein so it didn't go in fully but the chemo was done with no problems, apart from trying to use my right hand.
The dose today will be less than before as Dr D feels I have had a really good result and we can afford to lower it.
I am hoping that it will mean the symptoms will be less but I won't count my lil old chicks yet.

I went to Endsleigh yesterday with my friend, Mandy. It was lovely to see her, she is such a brave lady, doing her own dialysis. I have many amazing friends who are on their own personal journeys. They are strong spirits and I think between us we spur each other on not to give up.
I bought a huge cup and saucer for the garden. I am going to put a fushia in it as my dad loved them. It will be his remembrance pot and will stay in my garden where I can see it and remember him every day, It's not like I will ever for get him and I will continue with the remembrance garden.

At the moment it is not raining here, makes a change, it has been torrential over the past week.

Oh well, up and at'em. Must get dressed and ready myself for me needle......YIKES!!!!!

                                                           Cuppa for Dad    : )

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