Sunday, 12 August 2012

Roast at Jayne's

Well what a lovely afternoon, not only did I have a lovely roast meak at Jayne's I got to wear a gold medal too!! It wasn't a real one though but something very special, Milly, Jayne's daughter, had made one in school. She put it around my neck and I felt very honoured to wear it. I must have been a good girl.
Jayne's roast went down honey sweet, infact it was "Bloody 'anzum", thats' the Cornish in me coming out. I ate every bit, it wasn't a huge plate full but was enough to fill me up. Thank you so much Jayne, you are such a super star.

Amber and I were on slug patrol earlier, it looks like the copper tape may be working, only time will tell. It has been rainign today so I was hoping to see an army of the little bastards waiting for a meal of pansies and petunias. We found one who seemed to move away from the tape, I even put a piece right beside him and little feeler horns went it, he didn't like it at all, good, now go tell your mates not to bother as they will be wasting their time. I will be on slug watch again tomorrow so look out you slimey foe, Amber and I are on the warpath. Amber caugfht 2 moths today, I will have to educate her, Amber we want slugs not moths!!!
Officer Amber,  Slug parol staff, this is my first employee : )
 Slug retreat, go tell your mates its no use now, no meals here!!!!!
 Milly's special medal. Thank you for letting me wear it : )
 I have to check is real : )
 Milly's medal, what an honour : )
 Chrissy with her medal, she got the Silver... : )
My lovely roast, thank you so much Jayne x x

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