Sunday, 12 August 2012

Slug wars!!

 My poor petunias, the have been a feast for slugs and snails. I am trying something new, copper tape, it is supposed to give them a little shock if they try and cross over it. I want to find some slugs now to test it out.
 I painted the wheel barrow and put some pansies in, another choice meal for slugs and snails. I am hoping the copper tape keeps them off.
The weather was lovely today, a little breezy but very beautiful. I got the plants done at last. This evening I went up to see my friend Jayne, I met Chrissy there. We watched Tom Daley dive and gain a bronze medal. Such a proud moment and I am sure Rob would have been looking on and cheering his son on. What an achievement. I was looking forward to him getting gold, that way we would have had a gold post box in Eggbuckland. Doesn't matter though, poor little Chinese guy was gutted at getting a silver.

Today I am not sure what I am doing, I am due to have chemo on Friday, the way I am feeling, I want to postpone it for a couple of weeks, I don't feel strong enough yet to put myself through another lot of chemo. I am eating better but it isn't quite right yet so delaying the chemo, I think, would be the right thing to do. I have always gone with instinct, and the majority of the time, been right so I am not going to ignore this feeling.
I am seeing my oncologist on Wednesday, blood test in the morning and Dr D in the afternoon. I am sure he will understand what I am saying.

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