Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tea at Chrissy's

I had a quiet morning yesterday, I wasn't back too late from Caroline's party.
I got dressed and did the shopping in the morning. I am feeling so much better today, same can't be said for my car. When it rains, she moans. She has been grumbling all day, the fan belt gets moist and squeaks. She has been alright with the petrol injector, I have put Redex in the tank when I fill her up, that seems to help.
The weather is so damp, I went out to see Chrissy, had a saffron bun and a cup of tea, lovely : )
Chrissy was going to a spiritulist church with her friend, Hazel and asked if I wanted to go. I have never been before, not sure if I believe or not. I don't like the fact that some people are charlatans and take advantage of vulnerable people but I have an open mind.
Chrissy made me a pasty for my tea, we washed up her dishes and then she did her ironing while I had 40 winks on her sofa.
We went to meet Hazel at the church, it was pretty full. There were quite a few people there who say they can communicate with loved ones.
I must have been the second person to be told that someone had come through, a woman with a goiter (a swelling of the thyroid gland) She was unhappy apparently, I couldn't place who it was and I had to ask Chrissy and Hazel what a goiter was.
Later on I was picked on again, a man had come through, no hair, walking stick, arthritis, I couldn't place him either, the message was he was celebrating me with water. He was very happy with what I was doing.
There were things there that I could have made fit, one of the "messengers" said she could here a piano playing and got the image of a ship heard, she was talking to a man behind him. I did say I could take it but she was having none of it, it was all for the man behind me ..... : )
My dad played the piano and organ, he also worked in the ship yard but I suppose that could be the majority of people in Plymouth. All in all a very interesting evening, I am still not convinced about it though as I think if loved ones have a message, why would they go to a stranger, why not direct to their loved ones.
I went back to Chrissy's for another cuppa and then home, that was an experience!
Halo, my car, decided that she didn't like the rain and damp weather at all. I left Chrissy's place, Halo started the squealing again with the fan belt, she only does it when it is wet. I got half way home and the battery light came on, oh no!!! I was panicking as I didn't want to break down in a stupid place. I did manage to get to my street, the battery light flickering the whole time. I got to my garage, switched the lights off to save the battery and opened my garage door, all the time saying "don't conk out, don't conk out" ........ I got back in the car and managed to get her in the garage..... phew!!
I am going to speak to my lovely mechanic, Darren, on Monday. I am on the verge of having a new car but I did want to wait a while. I will be so sad to lose Halo, She is my first and only car, I passed my test in 2004. She has been with me through so much. Why do I feel so disloyal?

I was thinking a lot about Ronny yesterday, she died last year, her daughter got married yesterday. I hope she was watching over her family and walking beside her beautiful daughter x

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