Thursday, 9 August 2012

Theo the early bird.

4:00am again and I am awake, this seems to be becoming  natural time to wake up. Theo must be very restless and worried about where he is going to reside, Theo take a hike, have a holiday, take a very long walk in the Himalayan mountains, Walk from Plymouth to New York, do anything, just go away.

I got up and had some gaviscon as the burps and acids are churning away. I am such a tuneful soul at the moment : )
I emptied and filled the dishwasher, fed to kitties and made myself a hot drink. I am now waiting to feel tired so I can go back to sleep. I know what will happen, I will get off to sleep and the snail mail that was supposed to arrive yesterday will turn up, before 9 am!!! Bit bloody late now!! We wanted it for the meeting yesterday.
I do think that Royal Mail desperately needs some competition. It happens to them all eventually. I can remember how bad and expensive BT, Sky and many companies were when they were the only ones. Now the customer is in control and can choose what they do a dn get the best and cheapest deal. Oh if I had the finances and knowledge, I would open a chain of stores that catered for local postage. One in each area, that should do it, Employ couriers to deliver the mail. Franchises as well,  I suppose I can dream : )  Rant over !!!
Well, I am going to try and get back to sleep now, although this is a lovely part of the day and sometimes it is just wonderful to look out the window and enjoy it.

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