Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thyroid test today.

I was awake at 5:45 am thanks to the kitties. I think I fed them....I can't remember.... oh dear.
I fell back to sleep waking at 10:25 am. A mad rush to have breakfast and get dressed before racing to my Dr's surgery for a blood test to check my thyroid. I have an under active thyroid which I have been taking thyroxine for, I have reduced the dose but it looks like it may need reducing again.

I took omeprazole this morning to help with the reflux, it has worked a treat, no acid today. My appetite is huge, I am so pleased. Looks like I am getting back on track now.

I got home to the mail, a card from the guys at Orange for my birthday with a Boots voucher. I do miss them, and a pressie from Mr Clarke. Richard (National Asbestos Helpline) had addressed the parcel to Dangerous Debbie Brewer..... It contained garden lights in the style of dragonflies. It is lovely and looks great with my pansies. I put up my dragonfly from my friends Tina and Lee up on the wall next to the one they bought me one Christmas, it looks fabulous.
I went out to eat with Tina last night, we had a fun night. We got to the Beef eater restaurant at 7:00 pm and left at 9:30pm, we were kept waiting so many times, we did think we would be ordering breakfast at one point as we had been left for so long. It was a great night though and we had a good catch up and a laugh about things.

Kieran has been on about dying his hair for weeks now. Tonight I did it, he wanted to bleach it, he is following in the footsteps of his brother and sister. Siobhan had hers done Jet black at 15, so dod Rich. He is so pleased with it, at least has has time before going back to school if he changes his mind.

Tomorrow I am off for another transfusion. I hope my donatee has a good tot of Morgan's spiced Rum while giving blood, that would suit me perfectly : )

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