Thursday, 2 August 2012


My lovely coffee fairy arrived this morning with a picture on FB. Thanks Jan C : )
I am still feeling under the weather, not sure if I have picked up a tummy bug but am still feeling sicky and no appetite at all. I had half a banana this morning, about all I could manage.
I was hoping to be feeling a little more lively today but it hasn't happened.
I am going to try and eat something later, I know I need to but it all makes me feel so yuk when I think about it.
I have had 2 days now where I haven't had much to eat at all. I, more than anyone else, know this is not right. I don't want to force myself but I suppose a little and often approach is the best at the moment.

I am really hating chemo at the moment, do I really want to put myself through 2 more cycles? It has worked well so far but I do need to think about how I am feeling and how it is affecting my life. A good talk with Dr D in a few weeks will make my decision I am sure.
All I want now is to be left alone, no needles, no chemo and no Dr's appointments.
I want my life back!!!


AJW4 said...

hang in there with the chemo, food almost becomes the enemy at times and its sheer force of will that gets you through.

Good luck

Debbie said...

Thank you Amanda, it is hard isn't it. I suppose if I am feeling so bad, Theo must be feeling even worse.