Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A lovely day

I have had a tickly cough and a throat irritation for just over a week now. My oncologist told me that if it turns to a mucky cough I was to get myself some anti biotics as soon as possible, so, I am off to the Dr's this morning to get some. I was checked over, apparently I have got a bit of a wheeze which the Dr put down to asthma so I have a pump to use when I need it and some anti biotics to clear the muck.
After that I went to see my friend, Maryann. She is having a coffee morning for McMillan and I have told her she can use my house as hers is being refurbished with a new bathroom and kitchen.
We were talking through what we were going to do and have decided we will have a coffee morning/afternoon tea session from 10 until 3 on 27th September.
I can't do the 28th September as I am having chemo. We have decided to dress up, our characters will be cakes, a fairy cake and a French fancy : )
We haven't decided yet who will be what but we did have fun discussing it and are so looking forward to the day.
I will be looking on the internet for my costume, starting with a green wig me thinks, another one to add to the 15 I have already!

I went home, had a quick bite of lunch and then got myself ready to go to say goodbye to Bill and celebrate this wonderful man.
I put on my best frock, grabbed my jacket and off I went. Horror of horrors, I got to the cemetery and realised I still had my sandles on and not my best shoes......Stupid person I am.
It didn't matter anyway as no one will be paying any attention to my feet, as I was told when I was a child, no one is going to stop their horse and cart to look at you.

I entered the church to the sounds of Michael Jackson singing "you are not alone". The church was filled with many people, all there for one reason, to pay tribute to a husband, father, uncle and all round gentleman.
The vicar paid tribute to Bill and made us smile with memories of his life. His family were so very brave, such a hard day for Bill's girl's and his lovely wife Sandra.
When the service was finished, I had tears in my eyes as everyone left and went to the grave side, comforted by the beautiful voice of Katherine Jenkins singing "time to say goodbye". I followed as the family went to the burial place and listened as the vicar blessed the ground and Bill, sending him to his new world, a world where he will be watching over her family every day I am sure.
Te family put red roses on top of Bill's place of rest and quietly watched as he was lowered to his place were he would be sleeping now. It was so lovely and the family did him proud with the service.

I left the service and darted back home quickly to get my posh shoes on. I then went onto the Conservative club in Plympton where the wake for Bill was being held. Sandra and the girls had set out photos, sharing their memories of Bill. So wonderful, so much to look back on but also so sad that Bill isn't still here, he should be, he was only 70 and had many years ahead of him.
The grieving will begin now for the family, lots of pain and heartache and with that comes anger at the reason why Bill isn't here, Mesothelioma, asbestos and the selfish attitudes in the work place towards them.
This is the real face of Mesothelioma, the face that those who still peddle this crap don't see. Maybe they need to get out of their conference rooms and posh offices and meet the people who are left behind when Mesothelioma has finished it's spiteful campaign. Visit those struggling to live with this illness, the hospices that do so very much to make the end of life for patients the best it can be and have to fund raise to do it.
Listen to the voices around the world who are campaigning for change, wonderful people like Linda Reinstein who lost her husband Alan to this disease and is a very strong leader in changing the way the world deals with asbestos, Barbara McQueen who has kindly given her and Steve's status to the issue and is working hard to get the awareness in the public eye, Laurie Kazan Allen, a fabulous journalist who campaigns through her articles about the plights of those less fortunate that us in the western world and of course, not forgetting Fernanda Giannasi, a very brave lady, the Erin Brockovitch of Brazil who has fought so hard to change things and be a voice for those in the poorer places who these greedy fat cats care nothing about.
What a fantastic team, I have no doubt at all that these people and many others, too many to mention, will change the way the world sees asbestos. Well done all of you, I am so proud to know you all and work along side you.

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