Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another great milestone accomplished.

My little boy who I thought I would not see start senior school has got himself ready, lunch packed and off to get his bus to school.
He is not so much my little boy anymore though, he is a young man, 15 years old and starting his last year of school today.
I can remember in December 2007, watching him in his school Christmas assembly, tears rolling down my face, my mind in turmoil that this was the last Christmas we would all have together. I had outlived my prognosis of 6-9 months to live after being diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2006.

July 2008 came along and I was seeing my lovely boy go off to senior school. This was another milestone, something I didn't know I would see. Thanks to the people around me and the wonderful Prof Vogl who gave me so much hope and a future, I am still here, and today is another of those wonderful days.
Kieran was so excited this morning, he doesn't have to wear a uniform now and was ready for school by 7:30am. This will change I know but the pride I feel when I look at him is immense.

Kieran on his first day of senior school in September 2008 and above, starting his last year of senior school in September 2012.

I want to be around for him when he leaves school, this isn't something I am going to say I will do as things change. I will continue enjoying my 3 monthly reprieve, that is my little bit of a future. I don't look further than that. 3 months works for me and for many others. There is no planning holidays in a year or 2 years time, looking forward to a future of grand children is a no as is looking forward to retiring and seeing my children getting married and have their own homes, all this has gone.
I am just so happy to get my 3 months and then a scan and hopefully another 3 months, that is my life, No point in dwelling on it.
I enjoy it, Well, have got used to it, my 3 months are filled with all the normality a family life brings.

Theo has been very quiet lately, I think my silent stalker has took himself off to sunnier climbs, maybe the rain drove him away. I hope he stays away for a very long time. I have so much I would love to see and do and don't want him getting in the way. Thank you Theo for giving me this day, I know your not all bad, just remember how important all these little dates are to me. It is so easy to take these things for granted and think that there is always next year. Not in my world, I am so happy to be around and see my children gain their own futures.

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