Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Appointment day today.

It is raining again here and everywhere. Will it ever stop, this year has been terrible for rain.

I got to Dr D's office early, he arrived with a coffee and told me to come in to his office. The bloods were down again so a transfusion is on the cards for Monday. That would account for me being tired and breathless at the moment. My eye sight seems to be a little off as well, alright with my glasses on but when they are off it is much worse.
He seemed happy with everything else, he booked my CT scan for 14th November, the day after Theo's 6th anniversary.
After saying goodbye I made my way to the pathology lab again, saw the same nurse I saw this morning. Poor arm, 2 jabs on the same day.
I then went to the x-rat department to book my scan and then went to Asda to get some extra bits for tomorrows coffee morning. I hope Maryann does well with it. We will have fun I am sure, we are dressing up, Maryann as a fairy, so she is a fairy cake. I am dressing up as the Eiffel tower so I will be a French fancie, pictures to follow : ) Bring on the mugs, coffee, tea and cakes!!!!

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