Monday, 3 September 2012

Chemo o'clock!

I woke up at 3:45 am this morning, that chemo time again where the body clock is totally disrupted. I have laid in bed contemplating about making a cop of decaff coffee or not. Coffee has got the better of me so it is off down stairs, kettle on and back to bed at 4:52am.I expected to see some little, tired, furry faces but none as yet, they must be out.
This week will be a busy one, Kieran is back to school on Wednesday, such a wonderful thing to see as I wasn't't supposed to be around to see him start at senior school but here I am, 4 years later and am in the shadows of him leaving and going onto college. I am so very proud of him and what he can and will achieve in the future.
He is off to London on Thursday, very early start, he is going to watch the Paralympics with some of his school.he will be away by 6 in the morning, I am hoping the chemo would have warn off a bit by them as he has to be at the station for 5:40am ....... Ooeerr!!!!!
It is wonderful to carry on and do the normal, everyday things in life rather than have my silent stalker on my mind every day. He never leaves, always watching what I am doing and waiting for his opportunity to pounce on me again and make my life a misery, well he tries to anyway : )
I am going to have an easy day today, probably spend most of it asleep or resting. I can hear my warrior friends saying "make sure you do" ..... ; )
I am going now, having my cuppa then back to sleep x x

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