Friday, 21 September 2012

Coffee and new bins : )

Coffee at Thorntons, mine is the one without the cream, naughty Karen : )

Yesterday I met with a friend i made a few years ago. Karen and I met at Kieran's junior school. We lost touch when the children left school. It was good to catch up on things. We went to Thorntons and had a coffee.
I left there and went on to see my friend Chrissy, I pumped up her tyre as she had the same problem I had, a puncture. That done it was back home and wait for Kieran.

Today I was up early to see Kieran off to school, he has a cold, poor thing. He still went off to school, not before he tried the sympathy card. He didn't say he wanted to stay home but the complaining more or less told me he wanted too.
I got myself sorted out and went to Saltram park to meet Heather, a lovely meso warrior who I haven't seen for a while. Again, it was lovely to catch up. Heather lost her brother to meso at a very young age. He was mid forties with a young family. This disease is so very cruel. Heather gave me the most beautiful gift, It is a willow angel, the one Heather gave me symbolises courage. Such a very thoughtful gift as well. It has pride of place in my house, right beside my ADAO award.
We had lunch and chatted for a long time. Neither of us realised the time. We went to visit the little meso tree. It has grown so much. I was the same height as it the last time I saw it but this time it looks nearly 2 foot taller. 

I said goodbye to Heather and headed off home in time to meet Kieran. He was off out with his friends tonight to see a film. He arrived home, got himself together and then out again.
I got myself sorted and then off into town to pick up my new glasses.
I went back home, no cooking tonight, I ordered us a curry : )

I had a call about 8:20pm, Kieran had got himself to the railway station, there were no busses back to ours so would mum's taxi pick him up. Up and out again to pick up my Bean ..... unusual for him as he likes to get himself home, It was lovely to pick him up. He enjoyed his night out with his friends. 

I am so lucky to have such lovely children, Rich seems very happy in Ireland, Siobhan is very busy with her business and Kieran is so focused on what he wants to do after school. I am so very proud of them.

 Heather and I saw this dear little chap at Saltram park. He sat on this bar for a long time before he flew away.
                                                    The meso tree looking very healthy
 Heather and I by the tree.

 Heather was so kind. She gave me a lovely gift, a willow angel of courage. It is so beautiful, it has it's rightful place beside my ADAO award. : ) I am so very lucky having so many special people around me.
 My new glasses, vanity stops me wearing them all the time.

 These match my hair so well : ) These are my driving and long distance bins
I love the colour of these and the pretty design. These are my TV/reading ones..

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