Sunday, 9 September 2012

Easy like a Sunday morning.

I actually slept until 6am this morning, the chemo must be on the way out at last, well I hope so.
The kitties were in my room for their usual breakfast alarm call.
Yesterday was an easy day. I went out with my friend, Tina, for lunch. We went to a little place called the Harvest Home. It is a hotel/pub in Golsworthy near Tavistock. Such beautiful scenery and very quiet, Tina and I were the only ones in the pub. I bought us a cola, a roller cola as Tina calls them : )
I managed to spill mine over myself, looked like I had wet myself!
We had lunch and a good old natter about what has been happening since we saw each other the last time.
I got home around 3:30pm, we needed shopping so Siobhan and I went to do that. I was in the supermarket when I felt the need to relieve myself of some "stuff".
Not a good feeling, I rid myself of the poison poop, sorry to be so graphic but I think it is important for those going through or starting chemo should know the symptoms of this toxic medication.
We got the shopping back home and put it all away.
Siobhan is very busy with her business, She is going to a convention in October and will have her own table to sell things. She is a beautiful artist and her items are selling really well.
My appetite has diminished again, I am eating little and as often as I feel, if I eat too much i just feel bloated as the chemo slows down the digestive system and until that has cleared, it is difficult to eat a full meal.
Today is going to be a quiet one I think. I `am going to take it easy, If I don't I know I will have warrior Mavis on my back : )


AJW4 said...

good time to take it easy and enjoy these last few days of summer. I remember when ray was on chemo how he used to complain about bloating, as you say food little and often as possible was the only way.

Debbie said...

Thank you : )