Sunday, 2 September 2012

Easy weekend.

I have been spoilt this weekend, My friend Chrissy called and said would I like egg and chips at Jayne's for tea on Saturday,  it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Kieran was at his dad's so I headed off with Chrissy to Jayne's. We had a lovely meal and a chat with Jayne's friends Arthur and Carol. Chrissy and I ended up sleeping over. Milly, Jayne's daughter, saw I was wearing my onsey (all in one pyjama suit) so went and put her on, how cool is that : ) She also lent me her leopard print slippers to wear.

In the morning we got up, said goodbye to eveyone and went back to Chrissy's for breakfast, Cheese and onion crisps and marshmallow wafer biscuits were on the menu and why not indeed!!!
I had a shower and a snooze while Chrissy got showered and dressed.
We went to the waterfront for lunch, and then back to Chrissy's and watched a film. She dropped me home and I am now going to get me jammies on and get into bed for some more rest.
All in all a lovely weekend, I am so spoilt. Thank you girls, you are fabulous, loves you x x x

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