Saturday, 1 September 2012

Good morning from the coffee fairy.

My lovely coffee fairy, Jan C, is on the ball this morning with a lovely cuppa she posted on my wall. The stuff monitor is warming up and ready for action this week. Thank You Jan : )

I had a good sleep last night, my wrist is still aching. I will take some paracetamol and see if that helps.
I am not feeling too bad this morning, ready for breakfast, well, I know the kitties are, stork has let me know it's time for food and is waiting patiently at the end of my bed for me to move.

 Vidal Sasoon is at it again, woke up with this bed head. Didn't have time to straighten the flick outs.
This is my cup I bought for my dad, wouldn't mind Jan C, my coffee fairy filling this one up.
 Nimble all ready to go. He is wearing a jar of angel dust from my lil sis's Angela and Tracey and a dragonfly from Stacey, such lovely warrior friends and fellow sisters in this battle. They have lost their dad's to meso and still support others who are fighting, such a brave thing to do. What a lovely family of warriors they are.
Nimble and I ready to go home. I am wearing Rose's dragon fly today, she lost her wonderful husband Norman not long ago. Still so painful for her and such a very thoughtful thing to do, thank you Rose. x x
I named my bear after my dad, his nick name was Nimble when he was a young lad and I thought it fitted really well. I feel I have my dad with me every day, watching over me just like he always did, thank you dad, I love you so much and miss you every day x x x

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