Friday, 28 September 2012

Great day yesterday and last chemo (for a while) Hurrah!!!!

It is my last chemo today, well the last one till the next discussion about treatment. It is pouring down outside so a wet trip in the taxi to hospital today. I will take Nimble with me as always, he has the eyes of my dad and the warriors watching over me.

Yesterday we had a fabulous day, I dressed up as the Eiffel tower and my, friend Maryann, was a fairy, we were cakes, I was a French Fancy and Maryann was a fairy cake : ) We raised £182:32p so far. Thank you to everyone who supported us.
With help from Siobhan, her boyfriend Davis and James her friend, we got ready for the events.
Thank you to Amanda and Mark Parker who donated cakes and made a coffee cup cake to use as "guess the weight on the cake".
They have their own business, they are on facebook and have a website "Amanda's icing on the cake". I can highly recommend them, they have made my 50th Birthday cake, Richard's 21st cake and Siobhan and Kieran's birthday cake. I will let the rest continue in pictures.

 James, Maryann and I with the total from the day, thank you to everyone who supported us.
 OOH La La ... a French Fancy : )
 My Eiffel tower costume
 Sandra, Jeanette and I.
 Getting ready for the event
 James layed the table out, it looked so wonderful, well done James.
 Amanda and Mark's wonderful cake.
 Maryann guessed the weight of the cake, it was 5lb 8oz and Maryann was the closest with 5lb 10oz.
Sandra won a bottle of Gin in the raffle, it was very saought after, Well done Sandra : )


AJW4 said...

that's it dressing up as the Eiffel Tower - final confirmation you are potty!!
Looks like great fun and hurrah for no more chemo for a while anyway


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

Amanda, you sussed me out!!! lol x x x
We had great fun x So pleased we raised over £200 so the outfit was worth it. Bring on the pottyness!!!!