Saturday, 8 September 2012

It's chemo o'clock again.

It's 3:50am and I am wide awake....again!
I am hoping that the symptoms have subsided. I had jacket potatoes for tea last night and said hello to them about an hour later.
My Rab C Nesbitt impressions are second to none, I think even Gregor Fisher would have a problem telling us apart and he has played that role for years! Mary Hen would gladly take him back again after living with me for a few days.
I am supposed to be going out with my friend, Tina, today. If all has settled down, I will, if not, I will look forward to going out with her another time.
I will contact the hospital on Monday as well as I was supposed to have a vitamin B injection on Thursday but couldn't go to the hospital with all the "stuff" going on.

I am going to have a coffee while watching Quincy M.E and get back to sleep as soon as I can. Hopefully everything has died down now.

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