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I do not allow any on my page, no you can't have a banner!!!
I don't want your comments with a sly, crafty link to your website!!!
I will NOT support you with gaining money from someone else's misery!!!

Please have respect for all meso warrior families who go through heart ache and pain with this disease.
If they want a lawyer I am sure they will find one, I will not advertise your business.

Any links will be removed, don't even bother asking me to add a link, It is not happening!!!!

Linda Reinstein Co-founder of ADAO knows only too well what these companies are like and wrote an article about this very subject back in March 2011.
I am sharing on this page.

Be Aware of “Asbestos Awareness” – Searching for Balance

Posted March 23, 2011
As a mesothelioma widow and ADAO co-founder, I have spent the past seven years leveraging online media and its possibilities for advocacy, education, and community around the issue of asbestos awareness. I am both excited and surprised to see so many of us take part in such a powerful movement, however; I am compelled to share my concern with you.
With the increased power of social media, there are now more websites, Facebook pages, and other campaigns that are set up to reach victims of asbestos related diseases that may be sponsored by legal firms.

Some of these websites and social media campaigns do not clearly communicate the law firm’s direct relationship or sponsorship. The concern then is that asbestos victims might not be aware that the non-profit with whom they are speaking is actually affiliated with a for-profit group that may be using the non-profit “hook” as a way to attract clients.  It is important to do your homework and figure out if the group you are connecting with is indeed directly related to a specific law firm. Check the About section on the website, the Info section on the Facebook profile or Disclaimer section of the website (usually at the bottom of page). If you have any questions, call the phone number listed and ask if the organization is associated with another for-profit entity.  ADAO remains focused on education and not litigation.  We reaffirm that we will  never compromise our independence by providing legal or medical referrals.
While social media is a great resource to raise our voice of concern, we advise you to be careful about sharing too much of your identity, story, or information. This can be dangerous and risky for your safety — especially for widows, widowers, children, and families.  At ADAO we have safely used our “Share Your Story” platform for years and have been careful about protecting sensitive data when communicating the stories of those in our community by only using first names.
So be careful about what you see and what you share. Every opportunity for advocacy may not be an appropriate opportunity for you. Protect your identity and safety on the web!
In Unity,
Linda Reinstein

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