Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday morning

Good morning campers...... it is a beautiful sunny day in Plymouth.
I had a lovely roast at my friend Jayne's yesterday, nearly missed it as my chemo brain was in good working order and I forgot I had to be at Jayne's for 4pm. I got there at 5. Everyone had eaten, if it wasn't for Chrissy texting me asking where I was, I would have been even later!

Chemo symptoms aren't too bad now. The constipation has gone as has the wilder "stuff" removal.
My eyes are still watering, my oncologist discovered that this was due to alimta, it is ....... bugger, it's gone, damn chemo brain ......  completely blank, can't think what the eye infection is called!!!
The belching and farting has continued throughout, Rab C Nesbitt lives. I think I have been possessed!

I have my next lot on 28th September.... the last one!!! I can't wait for that one to be out of the way so I can get my life back and get back to work, I miss my colleagues so much.

Not long to go before Chrissy and I are off to London for the mesothelioma UK conference. I can remember my very first one back in 2007. Meeting Liz Darlison, Tracey, Dawn and the team was fantastic. I came away from that meeting feeling like I could survive for longer than I was given at the time of diagnosis. I saw Graham Sherlock-Brown talk, he had survived 5 years at the time (I think) this impressed me so much and from the meeting I met so many wonderful warriors, some not with us today but have left a big crater behind in the hearts of those who knew them, Alan and Heather being one of the couples I met there and were kind enough to help me through my miserable time in January 2008 when Theo decided he was taking over. With their help I got back up and kicked him back to where he should be, in the gutter.

Well I have just had to google "eye infection" to find out what I couldn't remember, conjunctivitis, that is the eye infection. That is why my eyes water, it is conjunctivitis with out the muck or infection.

I am looking forward to a good week. meeting friends and lunches are on the cards : )

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