Thursday, 6 September 2012

Off to the paralympics.

Kieran and I were up at 4:30am this morning, My chemo clock was ticking so it was easy for me, was awake before the alarm.
Kieran got himself up and dressed, had breakfast and was thinking about what he should take with him. His charger for his phone is at his dads so he can't take that, I told him no iPad as the last thing he took on a trip was stolen.
I packed him 2 lunch boxes, one for lunch and one for tea. I put freeze blocks in them to keep them cool. 
We got sorted and headed out for the car about 5:15am to get him to the railway station for 5:40am. 
The sky was so clear, the stars were shining so brightly, such a beautiful time of the day.
I drove Kieran to the station, left him with his teacher and friends I waved goodbye and told him I loved him.....Grumbles from Kieran I expect, Mum don't embarrass me!!! : )
It will be a long day for the Bean, He will be so tired when he gets home. 
I am still in my pyjamas at lunch time, I came back from the station and went straight back to bed.
I suppose I had better motivate my chemo backside into climbing the stairs and getting dressed.

Have a lovely day Kieran.

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