Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh what a day..... woop woop , the last chemo, hopefully, for a while

Well, I have been jibber jabbing to Siobhan and thought I should get out of her way for a bit, I am getting embarrassing. It's the steroids, they put me on a high and I can't stop talking, I talk for Britain anyway but this makes it much worse.
My sister Wendy came into hospital with me today, we Talked about our younger years and something I had forgotten. I remembered we put our mothers tights on our heads and pretended we had long hair, We used to have pigtails, bunches buns, all sorts of styles. When I had finished with mine I rolled them up and used them as potatoes in my shop. I cut up my mothers tartan skirt to make a pair of Bay City Roller trouser (Yes I know..... WHY!!!!)
I also cut up a whote sheet and made the trousers, all hand stitched, I was so proud of those trousers, so proud that I wore them to some random wedding at the church, I sat at the back and watched the whole thing ???? I was a strange
Wendy also said that 2 girls in our street had brand new roller skates, we were so sad : (
So I thought, lets make our own, so with 2 pieces of cardborad shaped like feet and string tied on them, we made our own, so cool slip sliding around the house on cardboard roller skates : )
I must have had that "never give up" feeling with me always. If you haven't got it ..... MAKE IT!!!!

The chemo went well today, the nurses were all so wonderful, I am going to miss them but like one of them, Jo, said, we will miss you but we don't want to see you back.
Health care assistant Gina who cracked the whip to get the £12. Thank you Gina.
Nurse Jo, one of my wonderful chemo nurses.
Nurse Nicola, another wonderful chemo nurse.
Nurse Trish, part of a fabulous team of chem nurses, thank you all of you for your wonderful care and support.
My lil' sis Wendy enjoying her malteser cake made by Maryann.
Nimble, my wonderful bear from the warriors. He watches over me, especially watched by my wonderful dad. his eyes are the eye on Nimble x x

I took some pictires of them, I also took in some cakes from yesterday event, just because they are such a wonderful team, between them the decided to cough up some cash for McMillan. They raised £12 making our total £194:32 and a £1 from me little sis for her piece of malteser cake. Thank you so much. It has been another good day...... Debbie from Planet steroid is checking out and hoping Theo is too.... You getting the message yet boy!!!!

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