Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Quick update.

I got up early today, thanks to the kitties, 7:30am, paw in my face, waiting for breakfast. It was lovely and quiet. i ambled around until about 11, got dressed, went and got the weekly shop, had lunch and then .... BAM..... asleep on the sofa.
Wiped out, Tomorrow Kieran will be up early and off to school. I am going to have a slow day tomorrow. I can feel I am slowly coming back to life but at times it isn't quick enough for me. I am not very patient when I know there is so much to be done.
Kieran is off to the paralympics on Thursday, a really early start. 5:40am!!!
He won't be back till late, he is very excited about going.
I am hoping to be back to normal by the weekend at least.

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