Monday, 24 September 2012

Results for warriors today.

I have had a lovely weekend, I went to Torquay on Saturday. I went with chrissy and we met Jayne and Viki. We had a lovely day, I bought Siobhan a jumper, I saw it and just thought it would suit her so much.
Sunday I went to Jayne's for a roast. She is always cooking for us all, so lovely.

My thoughts are with Mavis, Lou and Jan today, they are getting their CT results today. Lou has had her results already, she is in Australia, it isn't good but she is a fighter, a wonderful woman who works so hard to bring this awful disease and awareness about asbestos and it's dangers to the world.

A friend of mine, Ali, gave me this T-shirt for my 50th birthday. I love it, I am going to wear it at the mesothelioma UK event in London. I hope Theo and his friends are listening, you are not wanted!!!!

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