Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thank you my gorgeous coffee fairy : )

Thank you Jan c for my coffee this morning, not only is she my coffee fairy but my "stuff" monitor too.
Two totally different posts held by a wonderful lady. The "stuff" monitor has been ready since Friday with Jan watching all the time.
I can feel the bloating and bunging up of the poison in my system and it needs to be expelled. Once that is done I feel so much better. I think I used too much movicol last time and was going round the supermarket in an urgent state looking for the toilets!!! Hope that doesn't happen this time as I will be on a train Friday!

Thank you also to Jan C for this lovely picture she put on my facebook this morning x x

We have a book to auction for the mesothelioma UK event on Saturday. Barbara McQueen, wife of the wonderful and talented King of Cool Steve McQueen has donated and signed her book to raise funds for Mesothelioma UK. Anyone interested in bidding on it, we will be taking phone votes on the night. Please don't ask to bid if you don't want it. We are starting the bids at £30 ($50).
Please email me at   PHU_PHITA@HOTMAIL@COM   if you genuinely want to take part.
Thank you so much Barbi for taking the time to do this for us. You are a true legend, just like you husband x x x

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