Thursday, 20 September 2012


It's that time of the month again..... nothing has happened yet. The chemo has completely messed with my periods.
Last night I had the lovely night sweat, I am hoping Theo is suffering and that is why he passes on the symptoms to me.
I was so sweaty last night, well early this morning, about 2:45am, that I had to change my pyjama top.
So changing the bed clothes is on the cards today me thinks.
I am feeling so tired, think it is menopausal rather than chemo driven.
Kieran has a new fixation, theme park rides, he has been busy looking at all the theme parks around and where he can go to next. Looks like it may be Blackpool this time : )
I am sure he and his dad will work something out.
Not long before I meet my warrior friends, I am looking forward to that. Chrissy and I will be off on 5th October, we will also be attending a charity fund raising night in aid of mesothelioma UK.
Barbara McQueen, wife of the late and great Steve McQueen, has donated her book, The last Mile -Revisted to the cause, she has personally signed it as well. We will be auctioning this one so hoping to get a good price for it.

Anyone interested in placing a bid, please contact me on

Next week is my last chemo.... HOORAY!!!! ....... I can't wait to get that out of the way. It has been a long, tough road to walk, very emotional and frightening but thanks to all my wonderful warrior friends sharing information and supporting me with this, it has made it a lot easier to cope with. One thing that has hounded me so much through this treatment has been the memories of my wonderful dad going through chemo. He suffered so much after each one and never recovered from the last treatment he had. This is why I have kept away from it so much, I knew I had to have it, to fight, to continue on for my family. Without those wonderful people, it would have been so much more difficult. Special thanks has to go to Rose, Jan C, Jan W and people like them who have lost their loved one and still find the courage to support us who are still fighting. I thank you all for what you do for me every day even when you have your own heart ache to deal with.

I am meeting a friend for a coffee today, I have got Halo, my little car, sorted now. I lovely new tyre, so we are back on the road : )

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