Thursday, 13 September 2012


I went to the mesothelioma support group meeting yesterday, saw some lovely familiar faces and some news ones, so sad that Bill wasn't there, our thoughts were with his family.
Lots happening with the group. It has been such a success, unfortunately, it is something that is needed nationally.
Pam, a lady in the group, and I had a right old time fathoming out the new parking system. We eventually found the place to pay after looking and not finding it.
 This is the new system at the hospital. A disc is given at the gate of the car park, when leaving there is a little base at the reception desk that the disc is put on and the machine uploads the price of parking to the disc. When leaving the disc is put in the metre at the exit and .... Ta Da ...... off you go!!
I suppose I will get used to it eventually : )
Kieran came home from school, he is enjoying it, he has a few days off now. He is off to Alton towers with his dad and will be back on Sunday. I am sure he will have a wonderful time, I know his dad will, he is the child of the relationship : )

Bit of an episode this evening. I went off to bed after I had got back from my friend, Chrissy's, place. I went off to sleep. At about 11:25 pm I woke up, my chest was so tight. I felt dizzy and was urging. I shouted for Siobhan, she came in and got the phone, she dialled 999, had all the questions, the ambulance was there by 11:30pm, so quick. 2 lovely medics came in, My obs were done, heart rate was racing,I had a temp of 37.5, the tightness seemed to settle down. I had a nebuliser which seemed to help. I was told to call back it it happened again and to see my Dr tomorrow to check the anti biotics were working. The lady medic said that my lungs were clear, it was an upper tract infection by the look of it. I have still got a little much coming up.Siobhan was so upset, I felt so bad, she shouldn't have to be going through this. I am the one who is supposed to be looking after her, not the other way round.I am pacing myself but keeping active as I think that helps, I don't think sitting around will help at all.
All seems to be well this morning, no more episodes in the night. What a wonderful 999 service we have in this country. They were so good, explained everything, said they would take me to hospital but as I am immunocompromised, it would be a risk. I felt it easier to stay at home. Not worth risking catching anything else. I know I am going to get the wrath of the warriors : )

Today I have been out and about, I went to the hospital for my vitamin B jab, left there and went into town. I had seen a jumper I liked in Debenhams, it had a leopard on it, it was a Henry Holland design. I didn't buy it when I saw it a couple of days ago. After speaking to Chrissy last night, I went in and got it. I was a little worried as I couldn't find it, it had been moved, good job I didn't get it a couple of days ago, it was 20% today...... bargain : )

I got some bulbs for Halo, my little car. Her headlights are out so I will be visiting my lovely mechanic, Darren, today to put them in for me..... I love my car : )


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