Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wide awake club!!!!

It's 3:52 am and I am wide awake. The steroids given with the treatment click me in to action every time, they will go on for about a week. So what better way to spend my zingy hours but to write my blog while getting acupuncture and a massage from Stork the cat.
Juggling a lap top and a kitty is difficult, typos to correct and obstructed vision but the purring and love is too much to resist : )
I had a lovely quiet evening in last night. My friend Chrissy came in potatoes and jaffa cakes.
We put the spuds in the oven and settled down to watch tales of the unexpected. I bought the complete box set, I also bought Thriller and arm chair thriller. I am after journey into the unknown but I don't think it is on DVD. Great classic TV and wonderful stories. Very dated clothing and we smiled when we saw that the married couples have twin beds. How times have changed.

I slept most of yesterday, I will do today as well. I have been invited to Jayne's for a roast which will be lovely, will ask for a lift if possible as I don't like driving when I am chemo'd up as I feel a bit wobbly.

The furniture went today so Chrissy and I were sat like students in their new digs, cushions scattered and bottoms down with our jackets potatoes which were lovely. Jaffa cakes, a cup of tea and tales, oh yes, bliss.

Our new furniture will arrive on Tuesday, looking forward to that, got to get packed for London on Friday, I am so looking forward to meeting the wonderful warriors. It is going to be a grand weekend.

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