Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wonderful pamper day.

The day started with Kieran getting of to school, a slow amble round the house, a bath and then out to take Kieran's old school uniform to his school as he doesn't need it anymore.
The sun is shining beautifully, typical isn't it, the school holidays are over so the rain stops.

I then decided to go into town after I dropped of the uniform at Kieran's school. As I was walking by the Softsoles Spa shop I saw one of my warrior friends, at least I thought it was her, I didn't have my glasses on, vanity and all that.
I said "Hello Maria" to see if the lady would respond, well she did, It was Maria. She was on a break outside the shop. We had a little chat about how things had bee going since we last saw each other which was in May 2011 at Saltram for the mesothelioma action day.
It seems such a long way off now, It was great to see her again. I asked about manicures and about the fish spa they have in the shop. I hadn't done this before so it was a first for me.
I said I would give it a go, why not, I could do with a bit of pampering today as I was feeling a little sorry for myself, just one of those feelings that come over all of us now and again.
I took off my shoes, had my feet washed and then got ready to dip my toes into the fish spa.
It was a bit of a tickly shock at first but I soon got used to it and let the fish do what they do naturally.
They were so cute, I couldn't take my eyes off them, it was just as relaxing watching them as it was having it done and when it was finished, my feet were so soft. I will be having this done again, so glad I did it.
After that I had booked in to have a manicure with Maria. She prepared my hands and nails and we chatted about while she worked. I chose purple as my nail colour, one of my favourites.
After that I headed back home to wait for Kieran to come home from school.
He said he had had a brilliant first day back, All in all, a very happy and positive day : )

 Fish spa, I will be having this again, it was so relaxing.

 Maria doing my nails, So lovely to see her again after such a long time.

It has been a good day today, I am taking Siobhan and Kieran out to eat this evening, why spoil a pamper day by having to make a meal : )

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