Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It's one year on since the world said goodbye to an amazing lady. Anita Steiner was far too young to leave this world but left a legacy for other warriors to follow. she also left a a little girl who was coming up to 3 years old, so heart breaking for all her family and especially her little girl.

Anita's brother, Jack, left a post on facebook......

"Anita's Yartzeit (Jewish Anniversary of her death)is tonight/tomorrow so light candles tonight please. Tomorrow morning recognition of the Yartzeit will be made in St. Kilda shule when my dad is called up. It is just a normal shachrit service, so if you can't make it don't feel bad. If you can you are more than welcome (6:45-7:30 am ). And a reminder that the consecration of her headstone will be on Novemeber 11 at 10:30 am at Lyndhurst cemetery"

I will be lighting a candle to this lovely lady this evening. Love and strength are sent to her family today. x x x x

This is my scary halloween sweet bowl to frighten the demons at more door this evening : )
None of us have dressed up this year but I still like the fun of halloween.
I carved 2 pumpkins, I was a bit late getting them as I should have been in Bristol meeting Mary but that hasn't happened. Hope she is safe from the storms in New York. I could only find small ones, they were culinary ones. I still managed to carve them, not as good as I would have liked but it doesn't matter. It's all in the spirit of Halloween.....  Mmuuhhaahahahahahaha!!!!!

Kieran is home and will probably want to help with the demons, had our first customers not long ago and what a scary lot they were : )

I can't believe that Steph, my lovely French friend, Has been gone 3 years now. Times speeds along and blink you will miss it.
Thoughts are wiht her family and to my friend, Ali, who still misses her so much.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pumpkin carving tonight!!!

First of all I have to say that I am thinking about my friends and everyone in the USA who has been caught up in hurricane Sandy.The picture on the news are terrible, so far 17 people have died and a lot of cities have no power.
My thoughts are with them and hope that everyone can stay safe.

I went to Tamar garden centre, Saltash, with my friend, Mandy, today. I bought a few more decs for my tree. I saw a decoration there that I thought was too good to pass up a photo opportunity.

Kieran had a great sleep over with his friend last night, they were so good. They decided the xbox would go off at 10 pm and they would watch TV. I am so proud of Kieran, he is so grown up and sensible.
I will be carving out some pumpkins tonight, I was going to travel to Bristol tomorrow but as Mary from the USA can't make it due to the storm, there will be other times to meet I am sure. Most important is that Mary is safe.
I am staying home and tomorrow I will have some fun trick or treating with the children who come to the door.
I love this time of year, it has to be one of my favourites.

Too all my friends in the USA, stay safe.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Relaxing weekend.

I am catching up on what I have done since last week. I don't have the internet at Avis's so I wait till I come home.
Friday I stayed with Chrissy, she is house sitting. She is looking after Avis's little dog Daisy and her cat, Cedes.
We had a weekend of watching Tales of the unexpected and just doing nothing.
I went back home on Sunday, Kieran is half term. I was going to go away on Wednesday, just to Bristol to meet Mary, the nurse specialist from the USA but as there is a tornado in the US, hurricane Sandy, She can't fly so it has had to be cancelled.
I am sure there will be another time, that means i will be home for Halloween, Kieran wants to go trick of treating with his friends, we have been through all the rules, the do's and don'ts', he is sensible and am sure he will have a great time.

Mavis has found an MP who is to quote : "GMB condemned the attempt by Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP for East Midland, to amend the proposed motion in an EU Committee on improving safety measures on exposure to deadly asbestos fibres in the EU by inserting clauses claiming that white asbestos (chrysotile) is not dangerous. See notes to editors for details of the committee and the text of his amendment".

We are all busy writing to our MP's and letters to said Mr Helmer, to let him know how we feel. Anyone else who would like to email him, you can on this address:

There is so much ignorance in the world and people like this just make it harder to get the message across. Maybe he should have a special room with a bucket full of white dust, How long would he stay in there I wonder. My answer would be, Well Mr Helmer, it's safe, what are you worried about???

Tomorrow I am having a cuppa with my friend Mandy, I am looking forward to that.
For tonight, I am banished to my bedroom, with a heated blanket, TV and laptop.... Poor me : )
Kieran has a friend sleeping over, they have the xbox and sleeping bags. Hope they have a good night.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wonderful day, another very large milestone reached : )

I settled down this evening to write my blog, all comfy in my bed when I was stopped, who stopped me, Stork, he forced his way between me and my lap top. After he had decided that he had had enough attention, he moved. So, back to today..... The milestone......... Harvest festival..... Another one and a very special one, Kieran's last one as he is in his last year at school so a double emotion today.
He has changed so much, when I was diagnosed, he was 10 years old, he is now 15, he will be 16 in December. I am so proud to be here and see this moment, a moment 6 years ago i didn't think would be  even on the horizon. Kieran has made me so proud, looking at the picture, he is even taller than me!! All my children have outgrown me : )
 When I got home, Siobhan, David and I went to B & Q and Homebase to get some decorations, my tree will be up at the weekend. It is always up in October, my challenge and with the tree I bought in January 2007. A new start and a new year, that was such a good buy.
Stork and Amber were facinated, when we got back home, David went up in the attice to get my tree. The cats couldn't resist being curious, especially Stork. He climbed the ladder and stretched mhimself as far as he could to look in the attic but alas, he was not tall enough : )
Amber just watched, she was too scared to go up the ladder.

 Stork looking mesmorised about the attic.

Kieran and I in October 2007, I was diagnosed 11 months before this picture, this was my first year. What a milestone that was. According to the oncologist I saw at the time, I should have gone in September. Kieran lloks so cute, it's him, Siobhan and Richard who have given me the fire to fight.

After we got the tree, Kieran got home from school and said he enjoyed his day. I had a call from my friend, Chrissy. We got together for another dose of tales of the unexpected, then it was home and settled down to write my blog. what a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I know my Aunties are going to be on my back as soon as I say this. I have been feeling really tired the past couple of days. I get up and get Bean off to school and chill out, every morning. By 2pm I am shattered, yesterday it was about 6pm. I fell asleep on the sofa. I went to bed early and was dozing off at about 8-9pm. I have stopped the steroids now as I think I will be fine without them. I know I need to rest as much as possible until the chemo is gone, it takes so long to get out of the system.
All this is worth while if it gives Theo a good kicking, no more that he deserves at the moment.
My little stuff monitor can now have a break, everything in that area seems good, so much better.

It's half term next week, I am going to Bristol to meet Mary from America. She is a lung nurse, very much like our Liz Darlison at Mesothelioma UK. She is over to attend a nurses conference.
It will be great to catch up with her.

I have been thinking about Christmas and what to get the children, I have some ideas. I am going to get my tree up this month, my milestone month.
I know how hard it is for people who have lost someone, some of them hate Christmas, and who can blame them. It is such a painful time of year, a harsh reminder of those no longer with us.
We all deal with Christmas differently. My thoughts are with those who find it so very hard.
A lot of anniversaries are coming up at this time, one of them was my lovely friend Ronny, who has just been celebrated by her family, a whole year without her, love sent to her family. Another is Anita, a fabulous warrior in Australia, she will be celebrated next week, How can time go by so very quickly.
I hope that Ronny, Anita and many others get their wish, a cure for mesothelioma, they fought hard to raise awareness and and the rest of us warriors are continuing their fight in their honour.

Kieran, hos dad and I had a look around Saltash college and I must say, I am impressed. Kieran saw one of his school friends there who had moved on and is enjoying being at the college. We were shown around and then talked about what would be expected of Kieran, what his opportunities are and how the college worked. Kieran liked it too which is the most important. They have a bus service that will pick him up and it has a stop not far from us so that was good although Kieran loves travelling on buses. We have a couple more places to look at, this one is looking good though and Kieran has to be happy, that is the most important thing.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I have had so many milestones I have achieved since diagnosis. I didn't think I would see Kieran go to senior school so 2008 was massive for me. I saw Siobhan, my lovely daughter achieve such great hurdles, the biggest was seeing her get a BA honours degree. She is very artistic, it has been in her forever so to see her channel what she loves so much into a degree was wonderful. Pride is an underestimation of how I feel about my children.

I know how very proud my dad would be of my children. He loved his grand children so much, we went to visit him in hospital one day and I showed him some of Siobhan's artwork. He was so pleased to see how well she was doing.
He would be so proud to see that Richard has his own little family now. I can see a little part of my dad is in all of them and I would love watching them grow and remind me of what a wonderful person he was.

If he was alive now, he would be by my side. I don't blame him for any of what has happened. Things happen for a reason, none of this is his fault, He always told me that life was mapped out in front of us all, there isn't anything we can do to change it, such a very wise man and i think I miss our little talks most of all. I have my memories and my 3 beautiful children, I hold my dad in my heart every day and I knew how much my dad loved me, he still does as I am so blessed with my life. He must be watching over me if my life is this good. I am so happy with what we all have and what we will have.

I am so very thankful that I am the only one of us 4 girls who has got this disease. I would be so upset if my 3 sisters had it, I never want them to go through this hell.
It has made me a stronger person. I have got so many wonderful friends now, so many warriors that I am in touch with, such very brave people, I am so proud to be a part of that community. I am hoping for many more milestones, Bring it on : )

I am waiting to hear about other schools and colleges and we will visit them too. Kieran, his dad and I have a lot to talk about. We have to see what is best for him.

Monday, 22 October 2012


Back home today but not before watching more Tales of the unexpected. I have the whole series so we are gradually working our way through them. What a fabulous weekend, we are both rested and I think little Daisy had enjoyed it too although she is missing her family.
I got home around 6pm. I have missed the cats, Siobhan and Kieran, it is always good to get home and see them.
Chrissy is still house sitting next week so I think we will be getting together again for a few more episodes of Tales : )


Chrissy and I got up about 8 am. Daisy is an angel, such a cute little dog. She is missing her family so much.
We went to the shop yesterday and bought some cans of cocktails. We have decided to have a day of DVD's again with a few cheeky cocktails as well.
We took Daisy out for a walk, she was shattered when she got back and fell asleep right away.
We settled down to some more Tales of the unexpected. What great stories they are, always with a twist.

Plumb tuckered out after her walk.

Chrissy and I got a bit tiddly on our cocktails in the evening. I have said it before and I will say it again, My friends are wonderful, this weekend has been just what we both needed, a relaxing, chilling few days with no worries or hassles. We parked our butts on the sofa and didn't move.

Another great weekend.

I haven't been on my blog for a few days as I haven't had internet access apart from my phone so I am doing a bit of catch up today. Friday was quiet, I tidied around a little and got my bag packed as I am   staying with Chrissy today. She is house and dog sitting. 

First though, I was meeting my lovely friend, Celia, for lunch. She is so much fun, such a lovely person to be with. We had our lunch and then headed back to Celia's house as she has a new puppy, Lilah. I hadn't met Lilah so was looking forward to that.
I had a coffee and a chat, Lilah and Gypsy, Celia's other pup, certainly keep her busy.
Such beautiful little pups. They have new outfits for Halloween, one is Dracula and the other is a devil. They look so cute, they win prizes at shows, not surprised as they both have the cute factor.
I am so grateful to have special friends like Celia around me. She is such fun and I know she is honest, I am blessed with so many wonderful friends like Celia, infact, I was off to see another one on Saturday : )

 Celia and I , we met for lunch. We got a number for our table, what a coincidence, it's our age : )
 We had a honeycombe explosion dessert, we shared it as it was tto much for one.
Gypsy (Top) and Lilah, such cute little furry babies : )

When I got back home, I packed my bag and headed out to see Chrissy. I am staying until Sunday and we have promised ourselves a weekend of DVD's, Tales of the unexpected, Thiller and armchair thriller. This will bring back memories.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Stand up to cancer

Channel 4 has a program on today, stand up to cancer. Mesothelioma isn't featured. It is all about raising awareness for research to fight cancer. why not all cancers.
Mavis and I have tweeted them, not sure if we will get a response but why is mesothelioma so very unimportant in this world? It should be included with all cancers.

Right, I'm off me soap box, I hope a lot of money is raised for all the other cancers anyway as it is a miserable disease in what ever form.

Sad day for my sister : (

I heard yesterday that my sister, Wendy, lost her dog. Patch was a lovely boy, always gentle and happy to see visitors with a cuddle and a toy to play with. He was very old and had a good life, it is always sad to lose a furry baby. Sending love and hugs to my sister as I know she will be feeling very upset with this news.

Patch, my sisters dog, RIP little puppy x x

I had a cuppa with friends yesterday morning, Thorntons of course : )

I have got tickets to see my cousin, Dan, play at the after show party for the Vaccines. I am looking forward to seeing Dan's band play. His band is called the Fifty shilling Tailors. I am going with my friend Tina and her partner Lee. This isn't until November. Should be a good night.

I am meeting my friend, Celia, for lunch today. I haven't seen her for a while. She is back at work now, I am hoping to return in November, we both work for Orange, or Everything Everywhere,  it will be good to see her and have a catch up about her little furry babies x x
I am staying with my friend, Chrissy, for the weekend. We have box sets of the old TV shows, Tales of the unexpected, Thriller and Arm chair Thriller. I can see a TV marathon happening : )

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Catching up.

Not much happening over the past couple of days. Kieran had his parents evening. not sure what is happening about him taking GCSE's. Special schools work differently to main stream. This is something that needs looking into further. He still wants to study catering at college, I am going to take him along to the college to have a look around and get more information about the curriculum.

Kieran is doing very well with his school work. I am so proud of him. There is still no news of the assault that happened on the bus. I see the Herald (Our local paper)  have featured it today. The guy can't be very far away.

I had a toast to my lovely friend, Kathy yesterday, she had her last lot of chemo and we promised ourselves a cyber drink. I had a bud for my chemo buddy : )

Yesterday was a year since our lovely Ronny fell asleep, time has gone by so quickly. Thoughts were with her family yesterday as they got together to remember her.

A TEENAGE boy was assaulted when he got off a bus.
This is the article from the paper.
The 14-year-old – who police have described as vulnerable – was kicked three times and punched once in the head.
Police are now appealing for witnesses to come forward.
And today, officers released a CCTV still of a man they would like to speak to in connection with the incident which happened near the Longcause school in Plympton St Maurice on September 25.
The boy was travelling on the 22 bus but when he got off he was attacked by an adult.
Police say the young boy has been left very distressed and frightened by the incident.
He described his alleged attacker as having a mole on his right cheek and a "twitchy" eye. It is hoped the man shown, who is understood to use the same bus service travelling from Lipson Vale to Errill Retail Park on a regular basis, has key information which could assist the police with their investigation.
If you recognise him or have information about the alleged incident contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 quoting crime reference number EP/12/1031.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Flu Jab Today.

 I had a lovely roast at Jayne's yesterday. She always look after us all. I met her mum, Glenda, and listened to her tales of growing up in Liverpool. Such wonderful stories, Gerry Marsden wrote Ferry, Cross the Mersey for her. She knew Paul O'Grady and said what a lovely person her was, How wonderful is that. She also said that she used to run and hide away from John Lennon and how he was full of acne. Brilliant tales of a childhood full of fun and great memories.
 Kieran and I had our flu jabs. I wasn't sure if Kieran was going to get his as the nurse said they were for the carer only. She did it anyway. Seems sill when I heard the whole household should get them because of the chemo and mesothelioma. Siobhan is having hers on another day.
I got a storage shelf for Siobhan and her work shop stuff. Spent the afternoon putting it all together.
Tomorrow there is a meeting at school after Kieran's parents evening. He stayed home today as he was feeling very vulnerable. He will go back tomorrow and hope that the meeting will end all the problems he has been having.
No news yet about the man who assaulted the boy on the bus. I just want it all to stop now, enough is enough. It's not fair on Kieran or I.
My brave bean having his very first flu jab.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

3 events, 1 day.

I got up and got the kitties their breakfast, Kieran got him self up and dressed. He decided to go to his dads today rather than yesterday.
I ambled around, changed my bedding, tidied up my bedroom and ironed my outfit for event number 2.

Event 1, Chrissy's birthday lunch.

It was around 1 pm when I got all I needed together, out of the house with a balloon and some flowers for Chrissy. I drove up to the ATM, got some money out and went onto to the Jack Rabbit where Chrissy was having her birthday lunch.
I got there early, not expecting to see anyone, wrong, lots were already there. To my surprise, my friend Tina walked in, how lovely, I was a little confused but thought no more of it.
Chrissy was in and out of the pub as another person turned up, who has she got with her this time? Maryanne!!! What is going on, I said "anyone would think it was my birthday". Little did I know what was round the corner.
We made our way to our lunch table and there were balloons and a banner saying "I'm still here".
Chrissy had arranged a lunch in celebration of my 6 years, of course I cried, I always do. How lovely and how thoughtful, now I know why all my friends were here.
We raised our glasses to Chrissy and said happy birthday and a little cheer for me too. Can the day get any better?
We started lunch at 2pm and were still sat at the table at 4:30pm. It did take a while for the waitress to serve us. I had a leek, cabbage and bean potato cake with steak cut chips and apple pie for dessert.
after a cup of coffee, it was a mad dash home to get changed.
 Chrissy with Hazel.
 Maryanne and I
 I'm still here balloons.
 Tina and I.
 I'm still here, kicking Theo's arse"
 Apple pie
 Thank you my lovely friends x
 Hapoy Birthday Chrissy x

Event number 2, Carolyn's birthday tea.

I got home around 5, got changed and off I went to event number 2, another birthday celebration. Out of the house with another balloon and a present for Carolyn. What must the neighbours be thinking.
I think I missed my vocation as a quick change artist as I was in and out of the house in 10 minutes!
I got to Caroline's Barry and Joe were there looking very dapper. I had dressed as Alice in wonderland and in full vocal flow, sang happy birthday to my lovely friend.
I called it an Alice-o-gram. Carolyn took out a pair of glasses, they were very strong lenses, making the eyes look much bigger than they were. With a pair of fake teeth, Joe managed to transform himself into Alan Carr, chatty man... this was so funny. With him trying his best to say "it's me, Alan" with the teeth in made it even funnier.
I had a little more to eat and then it happened, out came the profiteroles! Oh no, I had just had apple pie..... oh well, sure I will find room : )
Carolyn did a lovely tea, we had great fun. I said goodbye to everyone and made my way home for another quick change, out to the pub this time.
 Joe doing his impression of Alan Carr, "It's me, Alan"


 Who will do the dishes???
 Eat me!!!
 Drink me!!!
 Lord Barry with his tea.

Event 3. Off to the pub

I got home, another quick change, bye bye Alice, hello Debz.
I went out to Chrissy's place were the girls had gone back too. I arrived there about 8pm.
We had a chat and then decided we would go out. We went to the Thistle first, then onto the Lockyers Quay and then the Queens on the Barbican.
What a wonderful day I have had. 2 weekends in a row were I have been thoroughly spoilt. I can officially say I have celebrated my 6th year and Theo's 6 th birthday with some of the most special and wonderful people I know.
I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
After we had had some drinks and a chat, we decided to head home, that was around midnight. I had my car, I wasn't drinking. The girls piled in and then, one by one, I dropped them off at their homes. First Chrissy, then Avis and then Jayne. While we were on our way to drop Avis off, We saw the most magnificent visions, deer all grazing on the grass at Roborough. I slowed my car down as something dashed across the road. As we got up closer we could see what it was, a fox. He looked so proud and majestic as he stood on a wall watching us drive by as we watched him. What a wonderful sight.
Jayne and I dropped Avis home and headed back to Eggbuckland through Roborough again. There must have been about 15 deer we saw, all grazing, it was a huge gerd. As we drove slowly along the road, there were even more, they stood a nd looked at us as I stopped the car to look at them. What a wonderful thing to see and what a wonderful way to end this fantastic day.
Yes I am still here and so very proud to be, thank you to all who helped to make this day so very special x

Off to the pub, this is in the Lockyers Quay.
 Jayne, Chrissy and Avis.
I got there early, not expecting to see anyone, wrong, lots were already there. To my surprise, my friend Tina walked in, how lovely, I was a little confused but thought no more of it.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Party time today!!!

The cats woke me up far too early this morning, I was hoping for a lie in, no chance of that. I eventually got up at 7:45am and gave them their breakfast. I can't say no to their cute furry faces.

Today I have 2 celebrations, 1st is Chrissy's, we are going for lunch at 2pm at a place called the Jack Rabbit and then 4:30pm I am off out to tea at my friend Carolyn's. Should be a good day, I have an outfit ready for tea so it should be fun.

Kieran didn't go to his dad's last night, he is going this morning. He is still having problems with school. Hopefully that will be sorted out next week.

I have found that I am ready to switch off around 9:30 - 10:00pm every night. The chemo affects are not too bad, I have watery eyes due to alimta and a bit of a runny nose. I have an appointment with my oncologist at the end of November, my scan is on 14th November. Once that is out of the way, there will be no more thoughts of meso or Theo until next year.
I am going to put my tree up soon, my journey started in October 2006 when I asked for an x-ray as I had mesothelioma in the back of my mind since my dad had died. It was confirmed on the 13th November 2006. My Christmas tree is my milestone, I am so lucky to still be here.

This is an exert from October 9th 2006 :

"I went for a chest X-ray as I had been looking into Mesothelioma for a few weeks now and have had thoughts that I may have it as I have a few of the symptoms. My GP has asked me to go and see him. I am so afraid today. What is my GP going to say? Am I being stupid? I asked my daughter, Siobhan, to come with me to the GPs as I had a feeling it could be bad news and I was petrified. She agreed and was very brave.

We arrived and made our way to the waiting room. My name was called and we went in. My GP said he had been contacted by the hospital and it wasn't good news. I put my hand up to my face and knew what words would spill from his mouth. Words I did not want to hear. Cruel words, unfair words, Words that said I may have to suffer because my father was employed in Plymouth Dockyard and I will pay the price, as he did

He told me that there was a mass and it could be a milgnant tumour, Mesothelioma, which is the cancer that is related to asbestos fibres in the lungs. I was stunned and held onto my baby girl, Siobhan, and broke down. Why me? Why now? Just why?

I was told I would recieve a call from the hospital and would have to go in for a biopsy to determine what was there. I expected this call to be within the next 24/48 hours. He gave me 3 weeks off work. I don't know if I can take that. I am just grateful that my dear dad was not here to hear that news as I know he would blame himself and it is not his fault."

Such a horrible day, thankfully things have changed, I have knowledge, hope and a wonderful band of warriors marching along with me. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Speedy week!!

This week has gone so fast. I can't believe it is Friday again, this time last week Chrissy and i were in London and getting ready to meet the warriors at the conference.
Yesterday wasn't very busy, truth is, I can't remember........My chemo brain won't allow me to remember what I did!!!
Today I can remember, I posted Nicola's book, she should get it tomorrow. Nicola had the winning bid for Barbara McQueen's book. Because she paid through just giving, mesothelioma UK will get another £50, which makes £250 for the charity, that is $400 for our USA cousins,
BING ....... I have just remembered what I did yesterday!!
I went out to see Ann and Bill from our support group as they are organising a charity calendar for our South West Mesothelioma Support Group. It will have the new logo on it.
After that I went into school and had a chat with the head about some issues Kieran is having at the moment.

After going to the post office, shame to say our little post office is closing on 31st October, the end of an era : (
I went into town to tie off some loose ends, I got another phone for Kieran, His phone got wet because of all the rain and now it won't work. He had a bit of a kick off about ti last night because he didn't want to take my basic phone to school, can't be seen with that!
While waiting in the Orange shop, it made me realise just how much I am missing my job and my colleagues. Customers are asking questions that I know the answer too so I had to bite my lip and say nothing, no one likes a smart ass : )
Tomorrow I have got 2 birthdays to celebrate, 1st one is Chrissy's at lunch time tomorrow and the 2nd is my friend Carolyn's. Both sound like good fun and are a couple hours apart.

Kieran will stay with his dad tonight so I am hoping for a relaxing weekend.