Sunday, 14 October 2012

3 events, 1 day.

I got up and got the kitties their breakfast, Kieran got him self up and dressed. He decided to go to his dads today rather than yesterday.
I ambled around, changed my bedding, tidied up my bedroom and ironed my outfit for event number 2.

Event 1, Chrissy's birthday lunch.

It was around 1 pm when I got all I needed together, out of the house with a balloon and some flowers for Chrissy. I drove up to the ATM, got some money out and went onto to the Jack Rabbit where Chrissy was having her birthday lunch.
I got there early, not expecting to see anyone, wrong, lots were already there. To my surprise, my friend Tina walked in, how lovely, I was a little confused but thought no more of it.
Chrissy was in and out of the pub as another person turned up, who has she got with her this time? Maryanne!!! What is going on, I said "anyone would think it was my birthday". Little did I know what was round the corner.
We made our way to our lunch table and there were balloons and a banner saying "I'm still here".
Chrissy had arranged a lunch in celebration of my 6 years, of course I cried, I always do. How lovely and how thoughtful, now I know why all my friends were here.
We raised our glasses to Chrissy and said happy birthday and a little cheer for me too. Can the day get any better?
We started lunch at 2pm and were still sat at the table at 4:30pm. It did take a while for the waitress to serve us. I had a leek, cabbage and bean potato cake with steak cut chips and apple pie for dessert.
after a cup of coffee, it was a mad dash home to get changed.
 Chrissy with Hazel.
 Maryanne and I
 I'm still here balloons.
 Tina and I.
 I'm still here, kicking Theo's arse"
 Apple pie
 Thank you my lovely friends x
 Hapoy Birthday Chrissy x

Event number 2, Carolyn's birthday tea.

I got home around 5, got changed and off I went to event number 2, another birthday celebration. Out of the house with another balloon and a present for Carolyn. What must the neighbours be thinking.
I think I missed my vocation as a quick change artist as I was in and out of the house in 10 minutes!
I got to Caroline's Barry and Joe were there looking very dapper. I had dressed as Alice in wonderland and in full vocal flow, sang happy birthday to my lovely friend.
I called it an Alice-o-gram. Carolyn took out a pair of glasses, they were very strong lenses, making the eyes look much bigger than they were. With a pair of fake teeth, Joe managed to transform himself into Alan Carr, chatty man... this was so funny. With him trying his best to say "it's me, Alan" with the teeth in made it even funnier.
I had a little more to eat and then it happened, out came the profiteroles! Oh no, I had just had apple pie..... oh well, sure I will find room : )
Carolyn did a lovely tea, we had great fun. I said goodbye to everyone and made my way home for another quick change, out to the pub this time.
 Joe doing his impression of Alan Carr, "It's me, Alan"


 Who will do the dishes???
 Eat me!!!
 Drink me!!!
 Lord Barry with his tea.

Event 3. Off to the pub

I got home, another quick change, bye bye Alice, hello Debz.
I went out to Chrissy's place were the girls had gone back too. I arrived there about 8pm.
We had a chat and then decided we would go out. We went to the Thistle first, then onto the Lockyers Quay and then the Queens on the Barbican.
What a wonderful day I have had. 2 weekends in a row were I have been thoroughly spoilt. I can officially say I have celebrated my 6th year and Theo's 6 th birthday with some of the most special and wonderful people I know.
I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
After we had had some drinks and a chat, we decided to head home, that was around midnight. I had my car, I wasn't drinking. The girls piled in and then, one by one, I dropped them off at their homes. First Chrissy, then Avis and then Jayne. While we were on our way to drop Avis off, We saw the most magnificent visions, deer all grazing on the grass at Roborough. I slowed my car down as something dashed across the road. As we got up closer we could see what it was, a fox. He looked so proud and majestic as he stood on a wall watching us drive by as we watched him. What a wonderful sight.
Jayne and I dropped Avis home and headed back to Eggbuckland through Roborough again. There must have been about 15 deer we saw, all grazing, it was a huge gerd. As we drove slowly along the road, there were even more, they stood a nd looked at us as I stopped the car to look at them. What a wonderful thing to see and what a wonderful way to end this fantastic day.
Yes I am still here and so very proud to be, thank you to all who helped to make this day so very special x

Off to the pub, this is in the Lockyers Quay.
 Jayne, Chrissy and Avis.
I got there early, not expecting to see anyone, wrong, lots were already there. To my surprise, my friend Tina walked in, how lovely, I was a little confused but thought no more of it.

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