Monday, 22 October 2012

Another great weekend.

I haven't been on my blog for a few days as I haven't had internet access apart from my phone so I am doing a bit of catch up today. Friday was quiet, I tidied around a little and got my bag packed as I am   staying with Chrissy today. She is house and dog sitting. 

First though, I was meeting my lovely friend, Celia, for lunch. She is so much fun, such a lovely person to be with. We had our lunch and then headed back to Celia's house as she has a new puppy, Lilah. I hadn't met Lilah so was looking forward to that.
I had a coffee and a chat, Lilah and Gypsy, Celia's other pup, certainly keep her busy.
Such beautiful little pups. They have new outfits for Halloween, one is Dracula and the other is a devil. They look so cute, they win prizes at shows, not surprised as they both have the cute factor.
I am so grateful to have special friends like Celia around me. She is such fun and I know she is honest, I am blessed with so many wonderful friends like Celia, infact, I was off to see another one on Saturday : )

 Celia and I , we met for lunch. We got a number for our table, what a coincidence, it's our age : )
 We had a honeycombe explosion dessert, we shared it as it was tto much for one.
Gypsy (Top) and Lilah, such cute little furry babies : )

When I got back home, I packed my bag and headed out to see Chrissy. I am staying until Sunday and we have promised ourselves a weekend of DVD's, Tales of the unexpected, Thiller and armchair thriller. This will bring back memories.

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