Monday, 8 October 2012

Checking in.

Wow , what a weekend!!! So much has happened so I will break it down into days, starting with Friday.
I got Kieran up and sorted for school, his dad is staying at our house with him and they will be looking after the cats. Kieran is so excited about sleeping in my bed, not just because it is big but because he gets to have snuggles with the kitties. His dad is going to have his bed.
Chrissy picked me up and we headed off to the station. It was an easy trip, I didn't realised we had booked the cornish express which doesn't stop at all the stations so we got to London an hour earlier than we thought. We landed at Paddington and got a cab to the hotel. We both agreed we were not going to attempt the tube. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and made our way to Oxford street were we had a look around the shops, we bought nothing, wow, thats a first!!
After that we headed for the London Eye, Chrissy hadn't been on it and as it will be her birthday the following day, I treated her. We met up with Robert and Chris, Robert is the husband of my wonderful warrior friend and Chris is her son, Veronica. It is coming up to a year since they lost her and it is still as painful today as is was a year ago. It was lovely to catch up with them. They make such an effort to meet up, it was wonderful to see them.
After they left, they had to rush off as it was daughter Emily's birthday, Thank you so much Robert and Chris for taking the time to meet us, and PMA all the way : )

Chrissy and I then headed to the wheel, we had a fast track ticket so were on the wheel pretty quick.
Chrissy loved it, we took pictures and shuffled around to the camera to pose for our picture. What a great memory. The weather was awful, it rained quite heavily and I had worn my leaky boots. My feet were soaking, it didn't spoil anything, it will create a bigger memory of the day. After the wheel we headed of to the hotel, finding a taxi was difficult but we managed to get one.
I decided the boots were gone, I put them in the bin, a good excuse to get some new ones.
Chrissy and I went down to the bar and ordered a cocktail, why not, we were going to make this a birthday weekend to remember. We ordered a cocktail each....£9:50 each!! ouch!!!
The bar man took the money, a £20 and then asked for another 90p. I gave him a £1, he gave us 10p change, we sat and looked at each other and thought that it didn't add up. We beckoned him back and asked why he took £1:90, he said "it's a service charge" and walked away. Right, here we go, lets get the cocktail menu and check this out. In small writing at the bottom of the menu it says Discretionary service charge....Mmmmm.... what does discretionary mean? We know what it means, does the barman? We beckoned him over again and said that it say discretionary, he said do you want it back, we said yes. He gave us back £2. Well....that was sorted, what a cheeky thing to do and we were 10p up as he didn't ask for that back. We decided to go back to our room after that little bit of excitement. We ordered a pizza and had a cup of tea. Tomorrow we will be meeting the mesothelioma UK guys, my warrior family, my sisters, my little love bugs...... can't wait to see them all.

Robert, myself and Chris. Brave and courageous warriors that it is always a pleasure to meet.

London eye with Chrissy, this was an anniversary for me. My first mesothelioma UK meeting in 2007 was marked with a trip on the London eye.
Jeanette and I in 2007, my first trip on the London eye, we did the champagne trip. So proud to have a chieved the chance to go on it again to mark my 6th anniversary and Chrissy's birthday.

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