Monday, 15 October 2012

Flu Jab Today.

 I had a lovely roast at Jayne's yesterday. She always look after us all. I met her mum, Glenda, and listened to her tales of growing up in Liverpool. Such wonderful stories, Gerry Marsden wrote Ferry, Cross the Mersey for her. She knew Paul O'Grady and said what a lovely person her was, How wonderful is that. She also said that she used to run and hide away from John Lennon and how he was full of acne. Brilliant tales of a childhood full of fun and great memories.
 Kieran and I had our flu jabs. I wasn't sure if Kieran was going to get his as the nurse said they were for the carer only. She did it anyway. Seems sill when I heard the whole household should get them because of the chemo and mesothelioma. Siobhan is having hers on another day.
I got a storage shelf for Siobhan and her work shop stuff. Spent the afternoon putting it all together.
Tomorrow there is a meeting at school after Kieran's parents evening. He stayed home today as he was feeling very vulnerable. He will go back tomorrow and hope that the meeting will end all the problems he has been having.
No news yet about the man who assaulted the boy on the bus. I just want it all to stop now, enough is enough. It's not fair on Kieran or I.
My brave bean having his very first flu jab.

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