Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Getting back to normal.

I was awake again at 4:30 am. I had a drink and was awake for about an hour, I managed to get back to sleep around 5:30 pm. I have a tummy ache which is probably due to the constipation I get with the chemo. My little "stuff" monitor will be pleased that it is moving. I only took 2 sachets of Movicol this time as last time I had chemo I took 3. I think it was too much as I was very free shall we say!!!

Kieran got ready for school, he is worried about things happening to and from school. There is a meeting tomorrow and I hope that this can be sorted out.

I went back to bed after Kieran had left after I had my tablets and breakfast. I rested for a bit before getting up and dressed. I had a couple of parcels to post, one to Rich in Ireland. I found a pair of flip flops we bought in Florida for him in 2007 and also a hat from LA that I had bought him in April. I also put in 2 scarves, one each for the girls who are 7 and 8. They liked my scarf so much I promised I would look for one each for them, I hope they like them : )
I posted a parcel to my friend, Polly, in the USA. I had a t-shirt at home which says "Mesothelioma can kiss my arse" on it. A lovely friend of mine made me a t-shirt for my 50th birthday. It always goes down well, I think I might wear it to the conference on Saturday. I hope Polly likes it, We always say we are twins as we have been through our illness together, often visiting hospital or being ill at the same time. Polly, "my twin" has peritoneal mesothelioma and is a long term survivor. I hope I can be the same.

After posting the parcels I went into town to get a few bits for London. I went into Debenhams, saw a dress, shall I? Shan't I? Well, I didn't, I talked myself out of it as I have too many in my cupboard already and some I have never worn. So I was very brave and walked away ....... from...... the .....dresssssss.....aaarrggghhhh!!!!

I felt a lot better just getting out in the fresh air. Chrissy, my friend, popped round, bringing her lunch with her. We had a cuppa and a catch up before she went on her way.
Tomorrow is going to be packing and checking dates, times and all sorts on the train and hotel; information. I have OCD moments when i have to check and re-check. Jeanette, my Germany buddy, knows only too well what I am like. I have to check it just incase the times and dates have changed... I know.... it's weird!!!
Kieran will be with his dad for the weekend and I am sure they will have a lovely time. They will be looking after the kitties because Siobhan is away as well. She is off to a My Little Pony convention. She has been so busy getting things ready to sell. Her work is exquisite.

The new furniture is lovely, it looks wonderful in the living room. I have got green throws to put on it because the cats like to sleep on the sofas and this will stop all the hairs all over the furniture. They are so funny, the one in the picture is Stork's and Amber's is the sofa bed sofa. They know who's is who's, Siobhan's boyfriend was sat on the sofa that Stork has claimed, Stork just say and stared at him till he moved. Stork did try to get on amber's but she made it known there was no way he was sleeping on hers, shame we don't have the same privileges!!!

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