Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday morning blues....

... there are some grumpy ones around today, first Kieran, now wanting to get a different bus due to an assault on his friend last week. He spoke to the travel trainer, no problems there, I got it in the neck. I rang school and told them about his mood, hopefully they will have a word with him.
I then got on the phone to book a taxi for the hospital for 9. Grumpy, moany Monday morning man on the phone said there was nothing before 9. School run is allocated all the places I suppose. I decided I would get in my car and drive myself, to late to ask friends now and I know I will be told I could have called.
Went and got some petrol, got stuck in traffic and arrived at 9:15 am. Oh well, I am here now, writing my blog and hoping the day will get better.
Got a busy week, not long now till the mesothelioma UK conference and meeting a lot of meso warriors, It is going to be a great weekend. Not only that but it is my friend, Chrissy's, birthday on Saturday so we shall make it a weekend to remember. We are going on the London eye on Friday, I went on it with Jeanette when I came to my first meeting in 2007. What a wonderful anniversary it will be.

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