Monday, 8 October 2012


 Laurie Kazan Allen (IBAS) Kimberly Stubbs (June Hancock fund) Me and 'Lady chris Knighton (MKMRF)who will be going to the palace for her MBE in November. With the ADAO award and Nimble.
 Chris Knighton and I with nimble.
 Di, Judith Laurie, Me, Chrissy, Lise and Angela, what a fine bunch we are.
 The wonderful Mavis Nye and I with Nimble.
 The blogging bunch, Tess, Me, Jan and Mavis.
 The moment I found out about the Limo...... how wonderful.
 Piling in the limo and ready to party.
 Linda Thomas and I at her charity function.
 Chrissy and I, she had a fabulous birthday.
 My lil sis Angela and I, big hugs all round.
 My other lil sis Tracey and I, what super stars these girls are.
 Chrissy and I.
 Lovely Linda, hope she raised a lot for Mesothelioma UK.
 Barbi's wonderful book and Nimble.
 Breakfast is served!!!
 Table mat Queen : )
 The warriors with the last mile and Dave Thomas looking on at how well things went. I am sure he is so very proud of his family and what they are doing.
 The weekend takes it toll!!!
Tea time and then bed, what a wonderful day x x

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