Monday, 29 October 2012

Relaxing weekend.

I am catching up on what I have done since last week. I don't have the internet at Avis's so I wait till I come home.
Friday I stayed with Chrissy, she is house sitting. She is looking after Avis's little dog Daisy and her cat, Cedes.
We had a weekend of watching Tales of the unexpected and just doing nothing.
I went back home on Sunday, Kieran is half term. I was going to go away on Wednesday, just to Bristol to meet Mary, the nurse specialist from the USA but as there is a tornado in the US, hurricane Sandy, She can't fly so it has had to be cancelled.
I am sure there will be another time, that means i will be home for Halloween, Kieran wants to go trick of treating with his friends, we have been through all the rules, the do's and don'ts', he is sensible and am sure he will have a great time.

Mavis has found an MP who is to quote : "GMB condemned the attempt by Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP for East Midland, to amend the proposed motion in an EU Committee on improving safety measures on exposure to deadly asbestos fibres in the EU by inserting clauses claiming that white asbestos (chrysotile) is not dangerous. See notes to editors for details of the committee and the text of his amendment".

We are all busy writing to our MP's and letters to said Mr Helmer, to let him know how we feel. Anyone else who would like to email him, you can on this address:

There is so much ignorance in the world and people like this just make it harder to get the message across. Maybe he should have a special room with a bucket full of white dust, How long would he stay in there I wonder. My answer would be, Well Mr Helmer, it's safe, what are you worried about???

Tomorrow I am having a cuppa with my friend Mandy, I am looking forward to that.
For tonight, I am banished to my bedroom, with a heated blanket, TV and laptop.... Poor me : )
Kieran has a friend sleeping over, they have the xbox and sleeping bags. Hope they have a good night.

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