Friday, 19 October 2012

Sad day for my sister : (

I heard yesterday that my sister, Wendy, lost her dog. Patch was a lovely boy, always gentle and happy to see visitors with a cuddle and a toy to play with. He was very old and had a good life, it is always sad to lose a furry baby. Sending love and hugs to my sister as I know she will be feeling very upset with this news.

Patch, my sisters dog, RIP little puppy x x

I had a cuppa with friends yesterday morning, Thorntons of course : )

I have got tickets to see my cousin, Dan, play at the after show party for the Vaccines. I am looking forward to seeing Dan's band play. His band is called the Fifty shilling Tailors. I am going with my friend Tina and her partner Lee. This isn't until November. Should be a good night.

I am meeting my friend, Celia, for lunch today. I haven't seen her for a while. She is back at work now, I am hoping to return in November, we both work for Orange, or Everything Everywhere,  it will be good to see her and have a catch up about her little furry babies x x
I am staying with my friend, Chrissy, for the weekend. We have box sets of the old TV shows, Tales of the unexpected, Thriller and Arm chair Thriller. I can see a TV marathon happening : )

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