Monday, 8 October 2012


Chrissy and I were up and awake before my alarm went off, we got dressed and went down for breakfast.
I was looking forward to catching up with the warriors who would be at the meeting.
After breakfast we went and got registered for the 7th Mesothelioma UK conference. This is my 5th on e and is always a milestone. I coma away feeling positive and full of information. I will be writing a report of the day but I know if I do too much, my Auntie's, Jan and Mavis, will be on my back : )

Chrissy and I met Kimberly, an amazing lady who works so hard for the June Hancock Mesothelioma research fund. She is a chip off the old block, her mum is June Hancock, so proud to be able to call her my friend. We chatted and I bought Chrissy and I a wrist band. Kimberly and her brother, Russell, do so much for reseach. They give grants for research into finding a cure for mesothelioma. It's so good to be able to see where every penny goes.
We got a seat in the conference room. I met Heather, a wonderful lady who lost Alan, her husband, Alan was such a character, no one else like him in the world. He was missed so much as he would always stand up and ask questions, I am sure he was there watching and taking it all in.

The meeting was wonderful as usual,  a lot of very useful information, Jan Egerton was the patient speaker, an inspiring and wonderful talk as usual. I met up with Mavis Nye and her husband Ray, such a lovely couple, Tess was there too, it was lovely to have 4 bloggers together, we missed Steve and Linda Wride, they keep a blog too. Such a shame it wasn't all of us. Thoughts are with Steve and Linda as Steve has to go through the chemo journey I have just finished. We all are hoping that it works for Steve. Jan is at the point of thinking about treatment s again. Such a roller coaster, from what I have seen it seems that we may get maybe a year or 2 before the meso starts growing again. If we are lucky, there may be a little more.

Angela, Tracey, Lise and Judith arrived around lunch time, These girls are amazing, They have lost their wonderful warriors and are so supportive in our meso community. We are more like a family, these are my sisters and I love them to bits, it is always a joy to see them.

After lunch I went back into the conference while Chrissy went off with the girls, it is her birthday after all. The meeting over, we all went up to Rose and Di's room, poor rose, there is no rest for her. A
She had 7 recycled teenagers all falling over each other to get dressed for the charity function n the evening, what a palaver !!! The room was so small that Angela, Tracey and Lise went out into the hall way to change, there was a very large mirror there so make up was done too.
It was wondcerful, it felt like the teenage days when you go round to your mates house to change with a cheap bottle of cider to start off the evening. We didn't have any drinks, it didn't matter, the fun had begun.
We headed of down to reception and got some drinks, Chrissy and I making sure there were no service charges!! We waited by the door as a taxi was coming to pick up up and take us to Hertfordshire for the Mesothelioma UK charity event that Linda Thomas had organised in her husband's memory.
While having a drink, the girls pulled out bright pink feather boas, pink hair peices, vodka cups and a garter for my leg saying "party girl". This was all a surprise but not as big as the surprise about to come round the corner. We went outside to wait for the cab, a huge pink limo pulls up...... wow......... where did that come from? All knew but me, the girls had booked a limo so I could celebrate having my last chemo in style and also celebrate reaching 6 years with Theo. This was wonderful, I had tears in my eyes, how special did I feel. What a wonderful family I have, I so love my sisters, they care so much.
We all tumbled into the limo and off we went, champagne glasses full, we raised a glass to the chemo ending and 6 years. What a fabulous group of ladies. We got around 3/4 hour into the journey when the bladders called and the need for a wee was imminent. The driver pulled up outside McDonalds and the girls piled out, feather boas and pink hair everywhere, stopping traffic and off into Maccy D's for a wee.
All back on board, we headed off to the event. It was in a garden centre, we walked into the hall and were asked if we were the act..... hehehehe ....... not surprised, what a site we must have looked.
We saw a gorgeous lady in a gold dress, with a  squeal of delight and with arms wide open, run towards us. It was Linda, she had done so well organising the event. She had so many raffle prizes. I brought one with me. We sat at a table and met even more warriors, so lovely when you get chatting and find out that they know you from facebook. Dancing, chatting fun and frolics all evening, it was a fabulous night. I think Chrissy can say she had a birthday to remember. after the event we left and went to Linda's house, she put us up for the night, Rose and her daughter, Di, went back to the hotel. Chrissy and I went to bed at around 2:45 am, the girls were chatting, not sure they all turned in.
What a fantastic day, I don't want to leave my sisters, they are such fabulous people to be around and have the knack of making everyone around them feel special.
Four bloggers, Tess Gully, Me, Mavis Nye and Jan Egerton. Such a shame Steve and Linda Wride aren't in the line up.
When I started writing my blog in 2006 there was no one else I could find who was doing it. Now there are people who open up their lives to the world, how wonderful, so proud to be a part of this team x x x
Well done ladies, your amazing x x

I will add photos on a separate page as there are so many.

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